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US-based Sirona Medical raises USD 40 million in series B funding

US-based Sirona Medical that develops software solutions to improve radiology practices and businesses, raised USD 40 million on 9th November.

Investors: GreatPoint Ventures led the funding round, with Rose Park Advisors and Avidity Partners joining and previous investors 8VC and Global Founders Capital. In total, more than USD 60 million has been raised.

Purpose of funding: Product development, customer onboarding, and sales initiatives will be accelerated using the funding. Briefly, the company will speed up the adoption of Sirona’s RadOS platform across the country and redouble its efforts to fulfil its mission: enabling radiology to be a valued profession by providing the best software.

About Sirona Medical

Founded in 2018 by Cameron Andrews, Sirona Medical is located in San Francisco, California. With its cloud-based platform, Sirona Medical Inc. provides radiology practices with a system for integrating radiology IT applications – worklists, viewers, and reports – into a centralized Workspace. By unifying these applications, the existing architecture of the radiology IT stack will be fundamentally restructured. Radiologists access new AI-powered solutions with Sirona’s radiology operating system (RadOS) that simplify workflow and enhance output. In this way, RadiOS can be layered over existing on-premise database systems (PACS and RIS), providing radiology practices with access to disparate workflows and data feeds in one unified workflow application.

What the founder has to say

“There is a critical need for better physician workflow solutions in healthcare, particularly in radiology — the only speciality practised entirely through software. The reality is that radiology IT is fatally fragmented today, and legacy software solutions were specifically designed and rigidly built for this fragmented and siloed status quo. After decades of battling with disjointed and cumbersome IT systems, radiologists are ready for a unified, cloud-native platform — for a simpler workflow experience that puts the physician experience first. They’re ready for software that just works. With this funding, we will be able to turbocharge the adoption of our RadOS platform into radiology practices across the nation and redouble our focus on our overarching mission: amplifying the profession of radiology through software,” said Cameron Andrews, founder and CEO at Sirona Medical.

What the investors have to say

“For the better part of a decade, AI has promised to improve the practice of radiology but failed to do so. Sirona is redefining how AI should be used in radiology — amplifying the profession’s impact on healthcare by building software that elevates the intelligence of physicians and, ultimately, the care patients receive,” said Andrew Perlman, founding managing partner at GreatPoint Ventures.

“We believe the radiology IT market exhibits many of the hallmarks of an industry ripe for disruption. AI companies have been unable to move from theoretical utility towards mainstream adoption because existing vendors haven’t addressed the underlying IT architecture that is inhibiting innovation. By unifying disparate systems, Sirona has created a transformative platform that will unlock new value creation possibilities and shift the current frame of competition entirely,” said Chris Calder, principal at Rose Park Advisors.

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