Aircraft, spacecraft, and associated systems design, manufacture, and maintenance are all included in the worldwide aerospace market. It encompasses the space exploration industry in addition to the military and commercial sectors. Space agencies, defense contractors, and aerospace manufacturers are important participants.

The size of the worldwide aerospace market was anticipated to be USD 321.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.80% from 2023 to 2032, when it is expected to reach approximately USD 678.17 billion. In this blog, we’ll explore the Top 10 aviation & aerospace startups worldwide.

  1. Volocopter

Volocopter is an urban air mobility company that develops eco-friendly air taxis to transport people.

  • Total funding- USD 780.6 Million
  • Founders-  Alexander Zosel, Stephan Wolf
  • Based in- Germany
  • Founding Date- 2011

It offers a holistic approach to the UAM market by developing a full ecosystem to connect all the vital parts to get the industry off the ground. This includes multipurpose aircraft (VoloCity and VoloDrone), physical and digital infrastructure(VoloPort and VoloIQ), as well as partnerships with global leaders in their respective fields. 

  1. Wingcopter

Wingcopter is a manufacturer of unmanned eVTOL fixed-wing aircrafts for commercial and humanitarian applications.

  • Total funding- USD 109.9 Million
  • Founders-  Ansgar Kadura, Jonathan Hesselbarth, Tom Plümmer
  • Based in- Hessen, Germany
  • Founding Date- 2017
  1. Daedalean

Daedalean is building autonomous piloting software systems for civil aircraft of today and advanced aerial mobility of tomorrow.

  • Total funding- USD 72.5 Million
  • Founders-  Anna Chernova, Luuk van Dijk
  • Based in- Zurich, Switzerland
  • Founding Date- 2016

Daedalean is a Swiss Zurich-based startup founded in 2016. It is building autonomous flight control software (AI-based airborne applications) for civil aircraft of today and the advanced aerial mobility of tomorrow – robotic air taxi. Daedalean’s eventual goal is to create an AI pilot able to pass the exam for human pilots.

  1. Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos is a space technology company that designs, builds, and operates low-earth orbit satellites, providing data and images.

  • Total funding- USD 62.6 Million
  • Based in- Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Founding Date- 2015
  • Founders- Aleix Megias Homar, Rafael Jorda Siquier

Open Cosmos is a space technology company. It designs, builds, and operates satellites to simplify access to space. The company also delivers end-to-end telecommunications, Earth Observation (EO), navigation, and scientific missions. 

  1. Beond

Beond is a premium leisure airline that provides unique and personalized experiences for today’s modern travelers.

  • Total funding- USD 55 Million
  • Based in- Dubai, UAE
  • Founding Date- 2021

Beond is a premium leisure airline that provides unique and personalized experiences for today’s modern travelers. Beond will launch flights from a number of places using the most recent aviation and luxury travel advances.

  1. Garuda Aerospace

Garuda Aerospace is a human-centric company that develops unmanned aerial vehicles or drones for the defense and aerospace sectors.

  • Total funding- USD 30.1 Million
  • Founders-  Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Rithika Mohan
  • Based in- Tamil Nadu, India
  • Founding Date- 2015

Garuda Aerospace focuses on the design, build and customization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for various applications. Catering to diverse needs such as event photography, agricultural survey, reconnaissance and surveillance, Garuda Aerospace meets the customer’s requirements with precision.

  1. Odys Aviation

Odys Aviation is an aircraft startup making hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft for regional mobility.

  • Total funding- USD 15.9 Million
  • Founders-  James Dorris
  • Based in- California, USA
  • Founding Date- 2019

The company’s building hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft that will transform the aviation industry and enable a new era of sustainable regional air travel at every range, cutting travel times by half and carbon emissions by 76%.

  1. Dufour Aerospace

Dufour Aerospace is an aviation company that developed aerobatic aircraft and focuses on developing next-generation electric aircraft.

  • Total funding- USD 11 million
  • Founders- Dominique Steffen, Jasmine Kent, Thomas Pfammatter
  • Based in- Switzerland 
  • Founding Date- 2017

Dufour Aerospace is an aviation company. It  developed aerobatic aircraft and focuses on developing next-generation electric aircraft. The company specializes in the fields of aerospace, cleantech, and electric vehicle. 

  1. SOAR Aviation

SOAR Aviation Group (Pvt) Ltd. is a tech startup that develops software applications for the Logistics, Maritime, and Aviation Industry.

  • Total funding- USD 729 K
  • Based in- Sri Lanka
  • Founding Date- 2021

SOAR Aviation Group (Pvt) Ltd. is a tech startup developing the best-in-class software applications to support the inspection, security, and intelligence surveys for the Logistics, Maritime, as well as the Aviation Industry. Their products include AI enabled apps supporting tracking, monitoring and reporting of the survey applications focusing on agilityand efficiency that a business may need in its journey of digital transformation. 

  1. Jetoptera

Jetoptera is an aviation startup developing powerful UAVs and realistic flying cars to revolutionize the way they transport products.

  • Total funding- USD 250K
  • Founders- Andrei Evulet, Denis Dancanet, Simina Farcasiu 
  • Based in- Washington, USA
  • Founding Date- 2015

Jetoptera is an aviation startup. It develops powerful UAVs and realistic flying cars to revolutionize the way they transport products and people. The company’s distributed propulsion system and novel airframe creates an aircraft that is more efficient, lighter, and less complex than previous models. This design enables a host of uniqueabilities, including vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), high speeds up to 200 mph, significant payloads and range, and maneuverability.

Thus, these are the top 10 aviation & aerospace startups making an impact in the world. They are not just revolutionising the future aerospace industry but also promising innovation & transformation unlike any other.

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