The global real estate market was valued at USD 3.69 trillion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2022 to 2030. Considering this, we present to you Top 10 real estate startups in the USA.

  1. Zumper

Zumper is a software platform that connects people with real estate rental properties.

  • Funding Amount – USD 180. 2 million 
  • Founded Date 2012
  • Founders- Anthemos Georgiades, Leah Jones, Russell Middleton, Taylor Glass-Moore
  • Based in – San Francisco, USA

Zumper is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent. It also offers marketing solutions for landlords, agents, and multifamily professionals. From browsing and touring to applying and signing the lease, the entire process is becoming faster, easier, and more trustworthy on Zumper.

2. Cadre

Cadre is an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate.

  • Funding Amount – USD 133.3 million
  • Founded Date- 2014
  • Founders- Jared Kushner, Joshua Kushner, Ryan Williams
  • Based in – New York, USA

Cadre brings real change

to real estate. Its innovative approach to private real estate investing allows individuals to invest in exclusive deals alongside global institutions. Cadre uses predictive models and workflow tools to reengineer the investment experience. Its real estate investment platform is distinguished in its ability to gather, analyze, and leverage information with radical improvements in workflow efficiency.

3. Patriot Family Homes

Patriot Family Home provides property management, renting, and real estate investing services.

  • Funding Amount – USD 60 million
  • Founded Date- 2018
  • Founder – Joe Riley
  • Based in – Clarksville, USA

Patriot Family Home is a property management and leasing company. They also provide property management, leasing, technology and back-end support, and temporary relocation housing. They offer a suite of industry-leading technology, digital support, and customer engagement packages to assist property managers.

4. WelcomeHomes

Welcome Homes is the online home-building platform that makes buying and designing new homes simple and more affordable.

  • Funding Amount – USD 47.7 million
  • Founded Date- 2020
  • Founders- Alec Hartman, Ben Uretsky, Jesse Mauro, Marc Hartman, Mitch Wainer, Moisey Uretsky
  • Based in – New York, USA

Welcome Homes is the online home-building platform that makes buying a beautiful new home simple by streamlining the entire new home construction journey from land selection to customization to construction, so home buyers can save time, know what they are going to pay, and live where they want to live in a beautifully designed home that they love. 

5. Doorstead

Doorstead uses data and operations technology to provide landlords with upfront guaranteed rent and full property management service.

  • Funding Amount – USD 37 million
  • Founded Date- 2019
  • Founders- Bernard Liang, Jennifer Bronzo, Ryan Waliany
  • Based in – California, USA

Doorstead is a full-service property management brokerage that provides cash-flow certainty to rental property owners. The company’s patent-pending pricing system compares more than 11 million rental price points in a region to predict the likelihood of success on a daily basis. Their pricing system and localized property management platform enable Doorstead to deliver a unique upfront rent guarantee. 

6. Abodu

Abodu builds no-compromise backyard homes that expand a property’s livable space.

  • Funding Amount – USD 23.5 million
  • Founded Date- 2018
  • Founders- Eric McInerney, John Geary
  • Based in – California, USA

​Abodu’s mission is to inspire homeowners to rethink every yard’s potential. It aims to make beautiful backyard homes and to show how easy adding living space can be. The company helps to solve the housing crisis – building a future where backyard homes are the norm, not the exception.

7. Alcove

Alcove is a shared living community offering per-room leases in beautiful, shared homes.

  • Funding Amount- USD 5 million
  • Founded Date- 2018
  • Founders- Colin Tai, Mitchel Gorecki, Patrick Wickham
  • Based in – Durham, USA

Alcove is a shared living community offering per-room leases in the furnished property. Its technology matches individuals to bedrooms in beautiful homes and then configures those properties to include furnishings, wifi, utilities, housekeeping, and community events. 

8. Circa

Circa is a rent payment platform that combines payment flexibility, rent reporting to credit bureaus, back rent collection, and more.

  • Funding Amount- USD 2.5 million
  • Founded Date- 2019
  • Founders- Divyah Natarajan, Heman Duraiswamy, Kate Woska, Leslie Hyman
  • Based in – Maine, USA

Circa develops an online payment platform that offers the community an easy way to collect rent through payment innovation. Its platform also makes it easier for properties to collect rent by giving residents more choice and control over their monthly expenses using flexible payments, credit reporting, and arrears planning. 

9. PropertyConnect

Property Connect offers LiveOffer, a real-time tool that enables real estate veterans to control their move-in dates, terms, and price.

  • Funding Amount- USD 600K
  • Founded Date- 2012
  • Founders- Tim Manson
  • Based in – Los Angeles, USA

Property Connect is a software developer for LiveOffer™, a real-time tool to facilitate real estate leasing. LiveOffer™ allows users to customize the terms in their lease negotiations online through their PCs or mobile. Property Connect was launched in July 2012 and is based in Playa Vista, California.

10. Offer1

The company automates and optimizes the residential offer process with data and AI.

  • Funding Amount – USD 350.9 K
  • Founded Date- 2020
  • Founders – Antonio Hernandez, Antonio Hernandez, Steve Brant
  • Based in -Florida, USA

The company’s platform automates the entire real estate offer process. It takes the current complex, error-prone, and opaque real estate offer process and makes it simple, honest, and transparent.

The startups have been ranked in accordance with the funds raised so far. They have come into existence after 2012. 

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