All entrepreneurs are leaders. You need to know how to manage a company for people to support your products and services and supervise the employees who will help you reach your goals. While you may already have all the traits of a successful entrepreneur, such as maintaining an organized schedule to ensure task completion and delegating tasks to the appropriate team members, there’s always room to become a better leader. Of course, all these habits mentioned can hone your leadership skills, but it won’t hurt to do a few more things to improve.

So, what else can you do to become a better leader?

Take a leadership development program

Some leadership skills are earned through experience, such as coming up with the best leadership style to manage your team. Now that you have that experience, though, you can further improve your skills through a leadership development program to unlock any hidden potential that may drive you to further success. Here, consultants will assist you in developing a leadership framework fit for your company. Such programs also connect you to coaches to guide you in making behavioral changes to improve your leadership abilities. You may also receive help assessing your company’s current state, which allows you to determine how to be a better leader for your employees’ specific needs.

In doing so, you can sharpen your existing leadership skills while learning new ones along the way. After all, Laura DeCarlo of Career Directors International once shared with Forbes in 2018 that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help to become better leaders. This may be the push you need to become the best version of yourself through a leadership development program.

Get a mentor

A more experienced entrepreneur and leader has already gone through many challenges and events you have yet to encounter. Because of this, they’ll know how to handle difficult situations that may arise in your entrepreneurial career. This is why entering a mentoring program could benefit you. A mentor will give you tips, teach you how to navigate business conflicts, and more so that you can become like them one day and become a better leader. When you have a mentor in mind, approach them respectfully by showing appreciation for their achievements and how these align with your goals, then ask if they could help you gain a similar experience through mentoring.

Even today’s greats were mentored. In 2011, world-famous entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg revealed on The Charlie Show that he was mentored by Steve Jobs. He shared that he was grateful for this as the latter gave him advice and showed him how to build a team for his vision.

Know when to upskill yourself

Being an entrepreneur and a leader means constantly learning. Technology, trends, and skills are always changing, so you must study emerging techniques and technologies to benefit your business. This way, you can apply these to your products and services and even teach them to your employees. You can take classes or short courses regarding skills that you want to further develop and improve on, where you may even be tasked with making a project or presentation to test your newfound knowledge.

Entrepreneur John M. O’Connor of Career Pro Inc. emphasizes in a 2018 Forbes article that good leaders always keep learning, whether it’s through books, online resources, or in-person interactions. He believes that practicing this habit of learning and upskilling made him the leader he is today, so consider doing the same.

Practice effective communication

Communication is vital in entrepreneurship and leadership. This allows you to let your employees know what you want to achieve and helps your clients understand your vision. However, communication shouldn’t be a one-way street. Instead, truly effective leaders work to build a positive employee relationships. Giving and receiving feedback fosters better understanding between you and your employees, allowing both parties to better work together towards a common goal. For instance, you should begin effective communication during the hiring process by setting clear expectations and facilitating an open dialogue where candidates can ask about working for your business. By doing so, you and your potential hire avoid potential conflicts in the future.

Justin Day, founder of Day By Day Digital, emphasized in a 2023 CEOWORLD Magazine article that CEOs and entrepreneurs should practice effective communication. By working on your own skills in this area, you’ll be better able to properly convey ideas and solve problems for long-term success.

To become a better leader, entrepreneurs must continue learning and practice communication. In doing so, you’ll improve your leadership skills in no time. 

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Jasleen Bhatia works as a content writer for VCBay News. She is pursuing her final semester in Bachelor of Business Administration from IIPS, DAVV. Driven by her keen interest in entrepreneurship and finance, she writes business-related articles.


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