Food & beverages market experiences growth with changing consumer habits and increasing the number of shopping malls, out-of-town retail parks and retail stores. The food & Beverages Global Market Size is estimated to reach USD 7,464.2 billion by 2027 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period of 2022-2027. Considering this, we bring you the Top 10 Food and Beverages startups worldwide. 

1.PickUp Coffee

PickUp Coffee is a start-up that aims to increase the accessibility of espresso and milk-based beverages.

  • Total funding- USD 40 million
  • Founded Date – 2022
  • Founders – Jamie Fernandez and Diego Lorenzo
  • Based in – the Philippines 

Based in the Philippines, PickUp Coffee is a home-grown coffee company focused on making premium beverages more accessible. It delivers speciality coffee for everyone. The beverage price starts at PHP50, with nothing over PHP100 (including UPsizes, exclusive of UPgrades). With the highest funding amount, the startup ranks first in the list of Top 10 Food and Beverages startups worldwide.

2.Oats Overnight

Oats Overnight is a manufacturer of oatmeal-based nutritional breakfasts.

  • Total Funding – USD 22 million
  • Founded Date- 2016
  • Founders- Brian Tate
  • Based in – Arizona

Oats Overnight is a manufacturer of oatmeal-based nutritional breakfasts. The company offers a spoon-free, high-protein oatmeal prepared overnight. Oats Overnight is dedicated to providing high-quality products, so it only uses superfoods like maca root, raw cacao, hemp, coffee, and others, along with certified gluten-free oats.

3.Momofuku Goods

A group of award-winning restaurants, including Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Má Pêche, Momofuku Ko, Milk Bar, and more.

  • Total Funding- USD 17.5 million
  • Founded Date- 2004
  • Founders – David Chang
  • Based in – New York, USA

Established by chef and founder David Chang in 2004 with the opening of Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku has grown to include restaurants in New York City, Sydney, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Toronto. The restaurants have gained worldwide recognition for their innovative take on cuisine while supporting local, sustainable and responsible farmers and food purveyors.


VICIO is a food delivery chain of restaurants that specialize in delivering burger dishes, mainly in European capital cities.

  • Total funding- EUR 17 million
  • Founded Date- 2020
  • Founders – Oriol de Pablo
  • Based in – Barcelona, Spain

 VICIO is a leading delivery start-up born in Barcelona with the highest growth and projection in Spain. It creates a gastronomic experience that goes beyond filling stomachs. 

5. Super Vegan

Super Vegan specializes in chocolates, cream chocolates, veganism, and beantobar.

  • Total Funding- R$ 1.5 million
  • Founded Date- 2018
  • Founders- Juliana Salgado Gaze
  • Based in – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Super Vegan is a producer of vegan chocolates. It offers super cream, kits, combos, and chocolate bars that are made from vegetable milk, cocoa, and oilseeds and also come in different flavours such as cookies, cream, vanilla, and white strawberry. They also provide vegan customers with bars of chocolate that are made from plant-based substitutes and are dairy-free.

6. 8Myles

8 Myles is a clean comfort food brand made for memories.

  • Total Funding- USD 1.1 million
  • Founded Date- Mar 1, 2016
  • Founders- Myles Powell, Zhanna Godkin
  • Based in – Virginia, USA

8 Myles is a comfort food brand that prioritizes clean ingredients and key nutrients without compromising on flavour. 8 Myles is not just as good as a home-cooked meal. It is a home-cooked meal!

7. The Free Spirits Company

The Free Spirits Company is a provider of cocktails and non-alcoholic spirits.

  • Total Funding – USD 354. 5 K
  • Founded Date – 2019
  • Founders- Milan Martin
  • Based in -California, USA

 Free Spirits enable people to enjoy their favourite cocktails while controlling the amount of alcohol used in their creation – without sacrificing taste. Through a process called Distillate Reconstruction, each one of the Free Spirits is crafted by identifying all of the raw materials, the interactions and the alchemy that give a traditional spirit its unique flavour profile.

8.Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is a beverage company that offers Reveal, the first and only avocado seed beverage.

  • Total Funding – USD 250 K
  • Founded Date – 2019
  • Founders- Sheetal Bahirat, Zuri Masud
  • Based in – Pennsylvania, USA

Hidden Gems is a beverage company that offers Reveal, the first and only avocado seed beverage. The company’s mission is to create beautiful, environmentally safe, and socially responsible upcycled products by discovering the hidden value in the food people would normally call trash. Hidden Gems aim to reduce food waste and continue to create and support sustainable systems for sustainable living.

9. Chomp Chocolate

Chomp Chocolate offers plant-based chocolates intended to create milk chocolate without cows.

  • Total Funding- USD 200 K
  • Founded Date – 2021
  • Founders- Benjamin Bailey
  • Based in – the USA

Chomp Chocolate offers plant-based chocolates intended to create milk chocolate without the cows. Chomp chocolates are made from bean to bar with sustainable cacao and are palm oil-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, providing consumers with vegan, creamy, and ethical products. 


Swygge offers bottled cocktails for individuals, retail stores, venues, and occasions.

  • Total funding- GBP 50 K
  • Founded Date – 2020
  • Founders- Rewfus Brode and Emily Hooton
  • Based in – United Kingdom 

Established in April 2020, the company started life as The Cocktail Delivery Company. It was later reborn as Swygge. Originating from a combination of the words Swig and the Danish word ‘Hygge’ meaning friendship, contentment and well-being. Swygge creates premium bottled cocktails to elevate experiences and for the coming together of friends, family and strangers. With the lowest funding amount, the startup ranks first in the list of Top 10 Food and Beverages startups worldwide.

The startups have been ranked in accordance with the funds raised so far. They have come into existence after 2004. Startups from different countries are included in the article in order to provide diversified information.

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