A new challenge that lies ahead of the various Venture Capitalist (VC) firms across Europe is to find the right Deeptech organization and support them. This crisis has arisen not because of the lack of funds but because of the lack of knowledge among investors in Europe.

Although it cannot be completely ruled out that the various Venture capitalist firms are to be blamed for it.  The area of study and research is so wide that it would be hard for any new investment firm to conclude. The best part is that still many VC firms have pulled up their socks and have invested in various deeptech organizations. 

For a better understanding, we need to realize that deeptech is going to be the future for all new technologies and how it makes an impact on our lives.  Deeptech includes several industries, including software, robots, quantum computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. 

Angular Ventures is a venture capital firm based in the UK. It was established in 2019 by Gil Dibner, a former partner of DFJ Espirit, and invests in enterprise and early-stage deep tech businesses with roots in Europe and Israel.

Amadeus Capital Partners, Cambridge-based VC invests in early to late-stage rounds in Europe and Latin America, and is known for its deeptech bets. CEO, “We are attracted by companies that can disrupt existing billion-dollar markets, by either cost or performance, and we are supportive over a number of years as the technology is commercialized.”

The challenge however does not end with only a lack of knowledge of deeptech what is even more crucial is the return on the revenue invested with these organizations. Many advanced-tech businesses’ development patterns and timetables do not correspond to the metrics and time frames utilized by traditional venture capital investors and corporate partners. 

“The possibility of particular new deep tech businesses succeeding, the best investments to make, or the speed at which their potential will be reached are all unknown at this time. But now, the sector is developing more swiftly than many experts anticipated.” Rajat Khare , founder of Boundary Holding

About 70% of the businesses and investors who responded to the survey concurred that European investors find it challenging to make investments outside of conventional models (like SaaS or MedTech) and to use metrics other than the standard ones, like annual recurring revenues or customer acquisition costs.

Many organizations have used this opportunity to understand the technology more and make the best use of it. Our future depends on the research on various subjects of deeptech. Boundary Holding based in Luxembourg is one such example of who has been consistently supporting many startups that are working on the same. It would not have been possible without the outright knowledge of the sector.

With a different kind of problem, the approach has to be based on problem-solving ability. Various venture capitalist firms have released that deep tech is a part of the IT industry right now what the Internet used to be in the late 80s. With the right kind of approach to learning about the technology and return on investment, financial goals can be achieved. Europe has seen a rise in the number of VC firms that are now even more interested in investing in these deep-tech organizations.

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