Germany’s startup ecosystem saw a rise in funding by 51% y-o-y from 2017 to 2022, from USD 3.5B to USD 18.3B. Participation in the mobility sector rose from 1.2% to 6.7%.

In the same period and with lesser participation, the overall mobility sector saw a 129% y-o-y from USD 44.58M to USD 1.24B beating Germany’s total funding benchmark. The seed stage funding scenario saw a y-o-y growth of 12.2% in the same period.

Funding Landscape of Germany towards Mobility (in USD millions) (Source: Dealroom, Crunchbase)

Let’s discuss the top 10 seed stage mobility startups of Germany. We have ranked startups based on funding amount.

1). 2trde

Founders: – Johannes Stoffel

Establishment year: – 2017

Funding: – US$7.8M

Investor/s: – Maniv Mobility, Adevinta Ventures, Aster, Plug and Play, Aster Capital

Based in Munich, 2trde is in the business of used car auctions. They have built a B2B SaaS marketplace where car dealers can put up the data of the used cars can be put. The whole administrative and marketing part of the dealers filled with ease due to the deployment of data on various other platforms, apart from the marketplace of cars, its additional services that take the car auctions ahead with Genuity like VIN scanner. Till now, they have more than 380 customers in Germany.   

2). Rocvin Global Mobility

Founders: – Paul Murray, Ralf Rehder, Thomas Mohnke, Timon Bock

Establishment year: – 2021

Funding: – US$6M

Investor/s: – Safedriver Group

Based in Hamburg, Rocvin’s business provides the best travelling experience to travellers with chauffeured ground transportation. Their primary customer base is private luxury travellers to the corporate travel market. They have their academy, i.e., ROCVIN Academy, dedicated to chauffeur training and education that strengthens their business with the quality of service provided to their travellers.

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Founders: – Amir Roughani

Establishment year: – 2013

Funding: – US$5.4M

Investor/s: – Vispiron

Based in Munich, CARSYNC is in digitalized vehicle fleet management business. A logbook is a tool used by vehicle fleet managers and companies that allows their employees to travel at their expense, which helps keep records of the travels done by employees. CARSYNC provides fleet managers and companies that own vehicles use a digitized logbook that removes the clutter of paper logbooks to keep a record that can be used for travel and tax claims by employees and tracking the fleet usage by employers. Till now, they have had more than 1,25,000 users using their services.

4). Parkdepot

Founders: – Bastian Pieper, Jakob Bodenmüller, Moritz Bodenmüller, Yukio Iwamoto

Establishment year: – 2016

Funding: – US$5.04M

Investor/s: – henQ

Based in Munich, Parkdepot is in the business of parking management solutions. Parkdepot’s parking solutions devices allow the parking space owners to make optimum use of it in a digitized manner. The parking management scanning devices help manage space for unpaid paid and rental purposes. The automated scanning and recordkeeping feature keeps the record of the users. They have expanded its operation in more than 300 cities throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland till now.

5). Azowo

Founders: – Albert Pescheck, Andreas Kopf, Patric Schneider, Peter Jegutzki

Establishment year: – 2016

Funding: – US$4.7M

Investor/s: – Project A Ventures, MBG Baden Wuerttemberg

Based in Stuttgart, Azowo is a B2B mobility SaaS company offering corporate mobility solutions. It provides a corporate car sharing facility that corporates can use for optimum vehicle fleet use. Its mobility solutions range for different segments, i.e., Aerospace, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Financial Services and Cities & Municipalities. Clients can use its cloud solutions for EV adoption, logistics, vehicle tracking etc. Till now, they have served more than 100 clients that include ARAL, BMW, SAP, Stripe etc.

6). Skyroads

Founders: – Corvin Huber, Tim Krieglstein

Establishment year: – 2019

Funding: – US$4.2M

Investor/s: – SEK Ventures, Vector Venture Capital, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Mutschler Ventures AG, Bernhard Hecker

Based in Munich, Skyroads is a business made to fulfil future needs. When we think of air mobility for local purposes, Skyroads and its services come into play. It has created technology that people can use for automating advanced air mobility keeping in mind the overall safety and providing the best-in-class passenger and cargo mobility in metropolitan regions. To manage the air traffic, they use various ground modules, avionics, transceivers and sensor suites for route planning.

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7). Vaeridion

Founders: – Ivor van Dartel, Dr. Sebastian Seemann

Establishment year: – 2021

Funding: – US$3.36M

Investor/s: – Vsquared Ventures, Andreas Kupke, Project A Ventures

Based in Munich, Vaeridion offers green mobility solutions in the aviation industry. They have designed an electric micro liner that can carry nine passengers and fly up to 500 km. The micro liner’s design is inspired by the bird’s wings that can help take a paradigm shift toward green mobility.

8). Betteries

Founders: – Rainer Hoenig, Ralf Schroeder

Establishment year: – 2017

Funding: – US$2.48M

Investor/s: – Extantia Capital, Factor[e] Ventures

Based in Berlin, Betteries is a 2nd life EV battery developer that recycles used batteries to decrease carbon footprint. Batteries contain precious metals like cobalt and nickel that manufacturers can preserve if they remanufacture batteries for any purpose. Betteries has done its business to focus on the e-mobility sector to remanufacture the used batteries to lower the cost for the end consumers.

9). MotionsCloud

Founders: – Alexis Hanke, Pablo Duy K. Vu

Establishment year: – 2016

Funding: – US$2.4M

Investor/s: – EXCON Services GmbH, Particle Accelerator Limited (ParticleX), SOSV, Net Insurance, Artesian VC, Global Insurance Accelerator, AI Startup Incubator, EY Startup Academy, SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator

Based in Munich, MotionsCloud is in the business of rapid insurance settlements. They have used artificial intelligence to streamline the claim cycle, decreasing the claim settlement from 10 days to 3 hours only. They have a B2B business model that provides these services to the insurance companies to reduce their work cycle. They have expanded their operations in USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Italy and Southeast Asia.

10). Bareways

Founders: – Moritz Grotthuss, Sascha Klement

Establishment year: – 2019

Funding: – US$1.19M

Investor/s: – nbr technology ventures, MBG Schleswig-Holstein

Based in Lübeck, Bareways is in the business of road navigation. When drivers travel towards their destinations through rural and non-highway environments, they face many difficulties when they are unaware of the good or bad roads ahead in their journey. These roads are affected by climate, season and traffic, which can increase the time to travel. Bareways AI-based navigation services cut these difficulties to have a pleasant driving experience. Everything that affects road transport from season to traffic is sensed early before travelling to estimate the travel time. Delivery fleet managers and individual drivers use these services to schedule delivery services to rural areas.

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