In 2020, the global toy market’s value stood at USD 129 billion. Contrary to the Covid-19 impact, when every industry had borne the adverse effects of the pandemic, Toy Industry stood firm. The market witnessed a steady growth in demand across the world. In 2020, the industry saw a 22.30 % of CAGR. Moreover, the market size for the toy industry in 2028 is projected to reach USD 230.64 billion. It is expected to register a CAGR of 7.30% between 2021- 2028.

Therefore, many new companies made their forays into the toy market. Considering this, we present the Top 10 Toy Startups Globally.

1. Pop Mart is a toy company that operates in designing, producing, distributing, and commercializing art toys.

  • Date– 2010
  • Founders – Wang Ning
  • Location– Beijing, China
  • Funding Amount– 114.9 million

POP MART is a leading pop culture and art toy company. The . company operates in more than 23 countries and regions. It boasts millions of fans around the world. The company has more than 4000 employees worldwide. POP MART has in China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, the UK, etc. As of today, POP MART operates over 250 offline stores.

2.  52 toys- The company deals as an Animation and Intellectual Property Operator based in Beijing.

  • Date – 2015
  • Founders – Chen Wei
  • Funding Amount -79 million
  • Location- Beijing, China

It has five lead investors. Earlier in Sept 2021, the company raised the amount in the Series C round. Qiming Venture Partners and Great Chiliocosm Capital led the investment back then. 

3. PlayShifu is an EdTech startup that offers teaching and learning tools. It caters to children from 4 to 12 years of age.

  • Date– 2016
  • Founders– Dinesh Advani, Vivek Goyal
  • Location– Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Funding Amount– 35.4 Million

Its products are Imagined, Designed and MADE IN INDIA. The Two dads serve as the co-founders. The mission is to turn the screen time frown upside down. PlayShifu creates STEM toys loved by parents, kids, and teachers. It has served almost 1 million children worldwide to enjoy their toys!

4  Hornby Hobbies-  Hornby Hobbies develops, manufactures and supplies hobby and toy products for a global market.

  • Date– 1980
  • Founders– Frank Hornby
  • Location– Kent, United Kingdom
  • Funding Amount– GBP 12 million

Today, Hornby Hobbies ltd hosts 15 collectable and scale model brands. It enjoys partnerships with brands from France, Germany, Spain and Italy. It boasts a collection of truly iconic brands spanning model railways, slot racing, die-cast models and plastic model kits.

5. Teela– Teeela is the GCC’s fastest-growing gifting platform, built to provide the most accessible, quickest, personalized gifting and toy buying experience.

  • Date– 2018
  • Founders– Abdulwahab Alkhulaifi, Ibrahim Al-khulaifi, Yahya Al Refaei
  • Location– Kuwait
  • Funding Amount– 3.8 million

6. Build & Imagine- The company creates magnetic building sets that inspire storytelling. 

  • Date – 2013
  • Founders– Laurie Peterson
  • Location– The USA
  • Funding Amount –  1.3 million

Build & Imagine StoryWalls are like building blocks. It deals with building blocks in the dollhouses. It also provides dress-up dolls. It’s a unique mashup featuring adventurous female characters and rich illustrated details that inspire girls and boys alike to build and imagine.

7. ForeverSpin  It is a Canadian company dedicated to making the world’s finest tops. 

  • Date–  2013
  • Founder– Viktor Grabovskyy
  • Location–  Canada
  • Funding Amount– CAD 595 K

ForeverSpin™ is a Canadian company. It makes the world’s finest tops. ForeverSpin tops have made their way to over 70 different countries! 

8. Huge PLay

  • Date– 2019
  • Founders – Kevin Mowrer, Adrian Roche, David Ciganko, Henry Kates
  • Location– The U.S
  • Funding Amount– 400K

The company creates products for Millennials and Gen-Z by starting with the fans. The company will soon launch the Play umbrella: GAMEBUD™, the world’s first audio-animatronic innovative game gear. 

9. IXI-Play- It is a robot for young children to play games with it.

  • Date– 2013
  • Founders – Ruud Van der Aalst
  • Location– U.S
  • Funding Amount– 120 K

IXI-Play WittyWorX offers children an engaging and personalizable robot buddy for playful interaction in the form of real games. IXI-Play acts as a peer for children to play different challenging games. The games can be played in an active and adaptive manner. Games which can be thought of are card games, games with blocks, dancing to music and much more without the constant need for attention from a parent or supervisor. 

10. Creating Unique Toys– It is a toy and game invention company.

  • Date– 2014
  • Founders- Adam Borton
  • Location– U.K
  • Funding Amount– 100.1 K

Creating Unique Toys makes fun, innovative and value-driven toys and games. Its products are sold globally on the mass market.

Specializing exclusively in the toy industry, Creating Unique Toys Ltd is run by Adam Borton, an award-winning toy designer and inventor with over 10 years experience making world-class toys and games for world-class toy companies.

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