California, USA-based startup developing AI-powered proposal software to help companies respond to and win more government contracts, Ensis raised USD 4 million in an oversubscribed seed round. The company announced the investment on March 27, 2024. NextGen Venture Partners and Tau Ventures co-led the financing for the company. Meanwhile, Grep VC, Innovation Global, and Gaingels joined in the funding.

Purpose of the investment by Ensis

Ensis currently operates in a private beta and will be widely available in 2H’2024. 

What the company’s official has to add 

Ben Lewis, CEO of Ensis, said, “We are an experienced team 100% dedicated to building the absolute best product for responding to Government RFPs, RFIs and more. Our team has significant experience creating highly secure software for regulated industries that incorporates modern design and UX best practices.”

What the investors have to comment 

Amit Garg, Managing Partner at Tau Ventures, further said, “Ensis is building a Gen AI tool for government contractors to streamline the process of responding to government RFPs. As such, they can drastically reduce the manpower and time needed while improving the success rate of the applications.”

Jon Bassett, Managing Partner at NextGen Venture Partners, further added, “We are eager to be supporting Ben and Jon on this mission to bring efficiencies to the $694 billion government contracting market,” said “This is our second time investing in this team, and we are impressed by how quickly they ship products and execute.”

About Ensis

Veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ben Lewis and Jon Sockell are the founders of the company. Ensis is a venture backed by Tau Ventures and NextGen Venture Partners. Ensis is a technology company that develops AI-powered proposal software to respond to government RFPs, RFIs, and more. By utilising recent advancements in generative AI, Ensis enables companies to dramatically streamline their processes to create proposals in one seamless workflow. Ensis helps companies in highly regulated public sectors like healthcare, finance, defence, and education respond to solicitations more efficiently. Securing government contracts requires responding to lengthy and complex RFPs or Requests for Proposals. Ensis dramatically accelerates the time it takes to craft compelling bids, freeing proposal teams to concentrate on innovative ways to grow.

Ensis works with each customer to set up a reference collection that is segregated and safely kept for each organisation. Ensis is able to use the company’s distinctive writing style and capabilities thanks to this instruction. After that, clients can import fresh RFPs and opportunities into Ensis, and the software will handle the parsing, organising, and drafting of suitable responses for each component.

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