Newsletters are short emails sent out periodically by the news media or individuals with articles that cater to the reader’s preferences. The growing popularity of newsletters is one of the few trends accelerated by the pandemic that I can totally get behind. For those who want to break away from the daily news cycle and indulge in something insightful that can quench your thirst for knowledge, newsletters can be the answer. 

Here are some of the most informative and intriguing newsletters from all across the internet:

Klement on Investing 

Klement on Investing (KOI) is a Substack newsletter by Joachim Klement, a London-based investment strategist working at Liberum Capital.  Klement has two decades of financial services experience holding top positions in prestigious organisations such as Credit Suisse, UBS, Wellershoff & Partners Ltd, and Fidante Partners. His expertise lies in the area of asset allocation, economics, equities and alternative investments. He is currently focusing on equity strategy and ESG strategy.  In his newsletter, he dives deep into a vast array of topics, ranging from employee turnover and currencies to ethics and social media. Klement writes on one interesting topic every day, and readers can rest assured that it’ll be insightful. The newsletter is not a one-man-show; KOI would not be complete without the support of Mr. Stevens- ESG Analyst, Britta – Luxury analyst, and Barbie – Food and FoodTech analyst (PS: They’re his pets :p). 

My personal favourite was his article titled Centralise or Decentralise, where he tackled the question of whether it makes any difference for an organisation to centralise or decentralise. 


Finshots has become all the rage in India, gaining 250K+ subscribers for its newsletter and around 100k followers each on Linkedin and Instagram within two years. Finshots promises a daily dose of critical financial developments delivered in plain English, which can be read in 3 minutes. It has certainly kept its promise and produces quality content that often aims at simplifying complex topics such as the Indian securities market regulator-SEBI’s guidelines on immortal bonds, Indian labour codes, crypto art, and SPACs. The website’s content is divided into: 

  • Finshots Daily– The flagship content of Finshots, which promises three-minute fun and insightful reads. 
  • Finshots Markets– Five-minute articles on the Indian capital markets served on a weekly basis. 
  • Finshots Briefs– A daily roundup of the most important financial news from India and across the globe. 
  • Infographics– This section is filled with eye-catching infographics on a wide variety of topics, from India’s richest businesswomen to Facebook’s acquisitions.   


Datawrapper is a website offering data visualization tools for users to create attractive and informative charts and maps. Every week, one member from Datawrapper chooses an exciting topic and pushes the boundaries of data visualization. The weekly charts are insightful, tackling questions like- Who owns the Nile? Is science still a man’s world? Why are there so many Wikipedia articles in Swedish and Cebuano? How many people live in Antarctica?. Their blog covers a wider range of topics such as: 

  • Data visualization do’s and don’ts 
  • Colour in data visualization
  • How to deal with data 
  • Climate visualization  

Datawrapper appeals to the growing number of people interested in data visualization and can serve as a resource for newbies and experts alike. On a side note, if you want to check out more brilliant data visualizations that might as well be called art, you can check out Tableau’s gallery.

The Generalist

The Generalist is a newsletter run by Mario Gabriele which aims to dissect tech from idea to IPO. Mario is a University of Columbia grad who left his job as a Venture Investor at Charge Ventures to fully concentrate on building the newsletter. The newsletter was founded in 2019 with Mario focusing on it full-time since Aug 2020; since its launch, the newsletter has grown leaps and bounds and currently has 27K+ subscribers. Every week Mario brings the most intriguing tech writing to your inbox, with the main highlight being The S-1 Club. S-1 is a form that is a required filing by the companies that wish to go public to register their securities with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The S-1 Club dives deep into the nitty-gritty of each S-1 filing and offers insights on the business model, company’s history, management team, financial highlights and the competition, to name a few. The amount of information available in the S-1 Club’s article on the South Korean e-commerce startup- Coupang was mind-blowing. I also love the quirky puzzles that Mario includes at the end of his newsletters.  

Quartz Weekly Obsession

Founded in 2012, Quartz is the epitome of unique and informative journalism. The company covers a wide array of topics ranging from economics and tech to emerging industries and science. Among the many newsletters that it offers, the one that caught my attention was Quartz Weekly Obsession. The interactive newsletter is truly unique, offering an escape from the stale news cycle by obsessing over random topics like space debris, bubbles, AK-47s, Vinyl records, QR codes and subway maps. It is one of the best internet rabbit holes and a gold mine for those who love trivia and quizzes.

There are many more newsletters that are interesting but are yet to be undiscovered, so if you’re not satisfied with this list, you can check out more newsletters here or reach out to us with your suggestions, and if you want guidance on creating your own newsletter, you can do so by visiting here.  

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