August 3, 2023, BOULDER, Colorado — Divirod, a leader in real-time flood management and water risk analytics, is pleased to announce the completion of a bridge round of USD 3.6 million. 

Industry pioneers GHD, Thin Line Capital, and TDK Ventures are driving this significant investment. The cash will be used to grow the company’s personnel, streamline product definition, improve sales and marketing initiatives, and develop AI-driven analytics for predicting water danger.

Divirod’s founder and CEO, Javier Marti, stated his enthusiasm for the revolutionary technology developed by the business. “Divirod’s global water data platform is expanding everyday to offer a unique source of insights into water risk data. Using our patented technology and analytics, we proactively warn private and public organizations about water-related dangers brought on by flooding and water scarcity. We specifically address the demand for reliable and current data, which insurers and businesses require to manage water-related risk and catastrophes. Our artificial intelligence-powered, real-time measurements-based predictive flood analytics are a game-changer for businesses, insurance, and governments.

The goal of Divirod is to create the most extensive local, national, and international water-data networks by combining its own data with that of third parties for in-the-moment analysis. A network of patented sensors is used in the company’s revolutionary Flood Early Warning and Monitoring Solution to monitor places on-site around-the-clock continually. Users receive immediate alerts of imminent floods via email and text messages, giving businesses a significant edge in on-premise tracking. This feature distinguishes Divirod from other water-risk assessment firms. Divirod’s solution offers advantages to various industries, including real estate, insurance, and state and local governments, enabling them to accomplish their objectives and avoid harm.

One of Divirod’s first investors was Aaron Fyke, the founder and managing partner of Thin Line Capital. “Asset holders now appreciate the benefit of more data to inform mitigation actions due to increased climate risk. However, what is required is more than just more data, but rather the proper kind of data targeted to the areas where it is most needed. The Divirod team, their technology, and their commitment to making these data analytics a reality impressed me.

The investment director for TDK Ventures and a board observer for Divirod, Tina Tosukhowong, offered her thoughts on the potential effects of Divirod’s technology. Every year, flood and other water-related threats impact millions of businesses, wreaking havoc on the economy and the environment. To guarantee safety and predictability internationally, Divirod’s integrated physical sensor and data-driven approach to water risk management has the potential to save billions of dollars. For businesses, insurers, and governments to play a vital role in any entity’s risk mitigation strategy, TDK Ventures is thrilled to continue investing in and supporting this outstanding team.

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