The investment director for TDK Ventures and a board observer for Divirod, Tina Tosukhowong, offered her thoughts on the potential effects of Divirod’s technology. Every year, millions of businesses are impacted by flood and other water-related threats, wreaking havoc on the economy and the environment. In order to guarantee safety and predictability internationally, Divirod’s integrated physical sensor and data-driven approach to water risk management has the potential to save billions of dollars. In order for businesses, insurers, and governments to play a vital role in any entity’s risk mitigation strategy, TDK Ventures is thrilled to continue investing in and supporting this outstanding team.

According to Heather Shoemaker, founder and CEO of Language I/O, “the recent AI boom has driven groundbreaking innovation, and this funding will allow us to harness the trusted power of generative AI to further develop our platform and provide enterprises with superior translation capabilities.” LIO is committed to preserving data security standards by protecting customers’ privacy and restricting data gathering and storage while we use this technology to innovate. It is a credit to the strength and value of our technology that we were able to secure sizable VC funding in spite of challenging market conditions.

A recent study estimates that the market for translation services would grow at a 2.60% CAGR to $47.21 billion by 2030 as a result of increased funding for the creation of multilingual translation technologies.

LIO wants to greatly increase the precision and effectiveness of its real-time translation platform for business through the use of ML and generative AI. The company’s ground-breaking platform will continue to promote seamless global communication by eliminating language barriers in internal and external business dialogues, enabling businesses to provide excellent client experiences across a variety of regions.

Tuomo Vuolteenaho, Managing Member at Joint Effects, said, “Between Language I/O’s track record of innovation and their cutting-edge aspirations for what’s next, Joint Effects is happy to support a vital player in the translation industry. “The investment underscores our shared commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue and laying the groundwork for a society in which language no longer serves as a barrier but rather as a bridge to limitless potential. We are confident that Language I/O will revolutionize the dynamics of global enterprises while providing seamless and accurate communication. We look forward to witnessing how our investment can break down language barriers and increase international collaboration as we travel into the future together.

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