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Los Angeles – Luxury Presence, a top proptech firm that serves over 9,000 agents, teams, and brokerages with growth marketing solutions, today announced Presence CopilotTM, a mobile platform that offers an AI-powered mobile assistant, clever client collaboration tools, and a consumer app with agent branding. Real estate professionals can operate more productively, close deals more quickly, and provide outstanding client experiences with the aid of Presence Copilot.

Presence Agents are provided with specialized mobile apps by Copilot to manage and communicate with clients in a single location. Additionally, it provides a mobile AI-powered assistant that aids agents in meeting preparation, transcription and summarization of voice notes, updating client preferences, and fast access to the most recent market data from more than 270 MLS providers.

Malte Kramer, the founder and CEO of Luxury Presence, asserted that “we believe AI is the biggest technology shift since the invention of the internet.” We’re utilizing it to offer agents superpowers, and it will revolutionize how the real estate industry operates. Presence Copilot equips agents to consistently deliver remarkable customer experiences by eliminating tedious everyday duties. It offers on-demand AI-driven market data, a new method to manage relationships while on the road, a collaborative search tool that keeps agents and their clients in the loop, and an agent-branded app that impresses customers and strengthens brand equity.

The CEO and Founding Principal of The Dawn McKenna Group, Dawn McKenna, stated that she started developing this app to offer her team a competitive advantage. “I wanted to give them the resources and information needed to deliver the greatest possible customer experiences. Because I’ve had a wonderful time working with them to scale my business, I teamed with Luxury Presence to release the app. I knew that Malte and his group were the only ones capable of revolutionizing the market and elevating the product to a whole new level. Whether you’re the biggest squad in the world or a lone agent.

According to the WSJ, a Los Angeles-based proptech business called Luxury Presence, serves over 9,000 agents, teams, and brokerages with growth marketing solutions, including more than 20 of the top 100 real estate agents. Agents can bring in more business, operate more effectively, and impress clients thanks to the company’s award-winning real estate websites, knowledgeable marketing solutions, and AI-powered mobile platform. 

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