Texas’s AUSTIN – Mythic, the first analog computer-in-memory business featuring AI processors, has secured USD 13 million in a fresh investment round. Atreides Management, DCVC, Lux Capital, and new investors Catapult Ventures and Hermann Hauser Investment all invested in the game on behalf of Mythic (which is led by Hermann Hauser, one of the founders of Acorn Computers and the father of ARM semiconductors). Moreover, Mythic declared the appointment of Dave Fick as its new CEO. Fick co-founded the business and was formerly its CTO.

This investment will assist Mythic in commercializing its M2000 series product, the company’s next-generation product that builds on the success of its M1076 Analog Matrix Processor (Mythic AMPTM), which is 10X more affordable and energy-efficient than digital alternatives. The industry’s first 33ms latency on full HD high-accuracy object detectors like YOLOv5 was achieved by Mythic’s M1076, which is already delivering to prestigious clients like Lockheed Martin while operating in a price and power range appropriate for edge devices.

Mythic’s technology is genuinely unique with our analog computing technique, which delivers significant performance and efficiency improvements over digital processors and cost savings. According to David Fick, co-founder and CEO of Mythic, “this new financing will allow us to speed our way ahead to help enterprises to realize the full potential of edge AI inferencing. We’re optimistic that our next-generation processor will be extensively used in computer vision applications such as intelligent robotics, security cameras, drones, and AR headsets because Mythic has already observed considerable demand for the M1076. Analog computing has virtually endless possibilities.

Mythic’s analog compute-in-memory (CIM) architecture, which employs high-density analog memory to entirely store neural networks on-chip instead of digital alternatives, which must transfer data on and off-chip, provides best-in-class power and performance. Mythic can give the same level of performance as a desktop GPU on a smaller, more energy-efficient, and less expensive platform, thanks to its density and integrated processing. Consequently, Mythic can provide advanced AI inferencing to various devices, including tiny doorbell cameras and low-cost drones, as well as immersive AR headsets and giant robots.

Although the technology developed by Mythic is excellent for many different applications, its revolutionary effects on public safety stand out. Security cameras and drones can identify real-time dangers because of Mythic’s robust analog compute architecture, which can analyze full-resolution video at the edge rather than transporting the data to the cloud. Because of Mythic’s lightweight and power-saving platform, drones can fly for longer and reach greater altitudes. Things that are smaller or farther away can be more precisely detected thanks to its robust computer vision processing.

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