Sunrise, a firm transforming at-home sleep testing, has announced a EUR 17 million investment round. Kurma Partners is in charge of the lucrative fundraising, which features the unusual participation of the European Innovation Council (EIC Fund). By receiving permission from the medical regulatory bodies in both the United States (FDA) and Europe (MDR), the Walloon start-up has also made a significant achievement. Sunrise aspires to significantly improve the lives of millions of individuals with sleep difficulties worldwide.

In addition to the EUR 12 million that Sunrise has raised since its founding, this financing. In the upcoming months, the start-up plans to make two significant initiatives to speed its growth: commercializing its technology in the United States and employing fresh people. Sunrise wants to increase its teams by ten during the following five years.

With the recent Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in Europe and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States both approving Sunrise’s second-generation technology, the company has made substantial international progress. The American National Sleep Foundation also gave the business the SleepTech Award 2022.

CEO of Sunrise Laurent Martinot said, “Our most recent fundraising effort, together with our certification, reinforces our aim to enhance treatment access for the 1 billion people who have sleep apnea globally. According to studies, most of these people are ignorant about this condition. One of the most prevalent and underdiagnosed chronic disorders in the world is likely to sleep apnea.

The solutions provided by Sunrise will significantly improve the lives of the millions of individuals who suffer from sleep problems today, according to Philippe Peltier, Partner of Kurma Partners. Its cutting-edge clinical performance technology is the first to provide patients with a straightforward, easily used, and exact sleep analysis solution.

According to board member Hermann Hauser, the EIC Fund has established itself as a powerful player in EU deep-tech investments. The most promising start-ups in Europe are finding this kind of funding through EIC, which combines grants and equity, to be quite appealing, and it is giving them the tools they need to expand and grow their firms there.

Sunrise, first introduced in 2015, has recently increased. The growing need for patients and medical professionals to arrange quicker and more precise sleep tests at home drives this trend. There are now 30 members of the Sunrise team, and there are about 20 open positions in Belgium, France, and the United States. Sunrise plans to expand in the upcoming months.

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