New York, USA-based provider of a platform for digital commerce, Forter acquired Immue. The company announced the acquisition on January 18, 2023. However, it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

Purpose of acquisition by Forter

The first acquisition by Forter marks its vision to strengthen the company’s existing fraud management capabilities. It also adds Immue’s domain-specific bot expertise.

The latest acquisition of Immue will aid Forter in expanding its fraud prevention solution stack by improving its bot detection capabilities. 

Firstly, the purchase strengthens Forter’s core fraud management offering – Bot attacks are accelerating and becoming more sophisticated. As a part of the deal, the Immue team intends to join Forter’s cyber research group, improving its ability to detect device and connection manipulations. 

Secondly, the acquisition further advances Forter’s bot detection layer. Customers now require domain-specific knowledge and higher-throughput, low-latency decisions. Immue provides a bot mitigation layer, an undefeatable Captcha, the ability to regulate bots during hype and flash sales, and more. All in all, the capabilities of Immue will aid Forter in building into its core platform.

What the Forter official has to say

Michael Reitblat, chief executive officer and co-founder, Forter, said, “Successful bot attacks leave the world’s biggest brands exposed to account takeovers, service disruptions, reputational damage, loss of consumer trust and more. Immue’s cutting-edge technology will enable us to bring bot detection to the full customer lifecycle – stopping the most sophisticated bots and human fraudsters from account creation to checkout. We’re thrilled to welcome Shira, Amit and the entire team to Forter.”

What the Immue official has to say

Shira Itzhaki, the CEO and the co-founder of Immue, further added, “Tackling the surge of bot attacks takes a nuanced and complete understanding of both fraudster and consumer behaviour. Forter’s identity graph of over one billion personas, combined with the depth and breadth of our attacker intelligence, means we’ll be able to block even the most sophisticated bot attacks in real time. We’re looking forward to bringing our powerful teams together to fight fraud and build trust.”

About Immue

Shira Itzhaki, Amit Yossi Siva Levi and Omri Meliches launched Immue in 2021. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company seeks to aid merchants in the detection and prevention of the most sophisticated bot attacks. Its technology allows businesses to filter out the most sophisticated attacks and authorize only certain bot-enabled transactions.

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