HERZLIYA, Israel, Jan. 19, 2023 – aiOla, an Israeli business, announced a USD 25 million investment round headed by New Era with participation from Hamilton Lane and other investors. The Israeli business has created cutting-edge speech and picture recognition technology and powerful AI models to digitize, automate, and simplify inspection operations. It seeks to significantly cut operating expenses, enhance production speed, automate trend reporting, and reduce downtime.]

aiOla employs 55 employees, most of whom live in Herzliya, Israel, and has raised a total of USD 33 million. Amir Haramaty, the CEO, and Guy Ernst, the CTO and former head of Amazon’s AI architecture, are the company’s founders.

“The AI revolution has failed, and data scientists largely use artificial intelligence. “We realized that we could make AI available to everyone,” says Amir Haramaty, CEO of aiOla. “aiOla’s exclusive and patented natural-language interface technology is well positioned to capitalize on the ‘gold rush’ in AI adoption,” says the company. Our solution works in any language or jargon for every process, providing an immediate and long-lasting effect across a wide range of sectors and verticals.”

Haramaty expressed his gratitude to investors such as New Era and Hamilton Lane for their interest in the firm at a time when raising capital is difficult. He said that the firm is concentrating on providing its solutions to “must-have” areas such as food and medicine.

New Era Capital Managing Partner Gideon Argov stated: “We are thrilled to be working with Amir and the entire aiOla team. The company’s ground-breaking technology is expected to save corporate clients considerable time, improve the precision of crucial operational suggestions and reporting, and break down language-based barriers across regions and business units.

The process:

aiOla’s Inspection app solution sits on top of important current processes, requiring little to no modification for integration and providing immediate, measurable benefits long before insights are created.

The inspection sector is critical to the worldwide supply chain, and aiOla’s technology enables food producers to reduce inspection time, boost production time, and spot trends early on. As a result, the food business is able to achieve more with less.

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