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What is digital marketing exactly?

Digital technologies have become an integral part of modern life. No wonder Bill Gates said: “If you are not on the Internet, then you are not in business”. This is true! Digital marketing has become one of the main driving forces of business in the XXI century. And there is no doubt that its role will only increase in the future.

In today’s article, we want to tell you in detail what is digital marketing and types, what is the history of its formation, what channels should be used by modern businesses, and what results it allows for achieving. If you are just starting to understand this question, the article “what is Internet marketing”will explain it to you!

What is digital marketing – the answer

Digital marketing is a general term for the marketing of goods and services that uses digital channels to attract and retain customers. And anything from advertising on online radio to contextual advertising on the Internet. Explaining what is internet marketing in simple words – it is any progress in which the “number” is involved.

Often this concept is confused with online marketing, and marketing on the Internet – but they have a significant difference. Or rather, digital marketing includes internet marketing too, but it is not limited to the internet. Let’s compare: Internet marketing is all channels that are available to the user only on the Internet. And digital marketing is all channels plus advertising and promotion on any digital media outside the network. That is, it means digital communication that takes place both online and offline.

And, of course, digital advertising does not include promotion through such traditional channels as newspaper ads, flyers, TV ads, and billboards. Although, if a QR code is indicated on the billboard, with which you can go to the site, then this is already digital marketing. In short, the essence of Internet marketing is the use of digital channels.

Why is online marketing important?

Digital marketing strategies help digital marketing agency New York, like Lounge Lizard set goals, identify the target audience, and develop a marketing plan that will reach and engage the audience. These strategies set the direction for a specific campaign or program and serve as the basis for measuring results.

Digital technology is everywhere, so digital marketing touches almost every aspect of business, having a huge impact on how companies communicate with customers and create profitable offers.

Thus, in order to compete in the rapidly growing global online market, your company cannot do without a well-thought-out and properly implemented digital marketing strategy.

What are the basics of digital marketing?

The main activities of digital marketing: 

– search engine optimization (SEO), 

– search engine marketing (SEM), 

– content marketing, 

– user-generated content (UGS), 

– influencer marketing (influencer marketing), 

– content creation automation, 

– marketing in e-commerce, 

– social media marketing (SMM), 

– direct mailings, 

– contextual advertising.

The fundamental concept of digital marketing is a customer-centric approach.

What benefits can I achieve with digital marketing?

Are you not sure if you should increase your digital marketing budget? Let’s consider several reasons that prove the importance of this direction.

1. It is a way to tell the world about your business.

People use the Internet to meet different needs. In fact, the Internet is now not an alternative source of information, but a vital requirement. Users “google” in search of companies and brands, reviews, and prices. Digital marketing plays a key role in the mass awareness of a brand, a new company, or a new product.

2. High conversions and revenue growth.

Conversion tells how many visitors to a business website actually turn into customers. The success of a digital marketing strategy depends on the coefficient of conversion.

A website can attract thousands of visitors every day, but if a very small percentage of that traffic converts into customers, that digital marketing campaign is not planned properly. In fact, it is money down the drain.

The purpose of digital marketing is to boost business income. In a large study, Google has shown that digital marketing helps most companies earn higher profits than their competitors who do not invest in digital

3. Marketing attracts those who do not come by themselves

When starting a business, some entrepreneurs rely solely on word of mouth. But it is not almighty. How will customers of a paint factory on the other side of the city know that it has the lowest prices if the price list is not freely available and the company did not make itself known in any way? Marketing offers many effective tools for promoting goods and services, and not all of them require large investments. Contests with hashtags, posting in thematic groups in social networks, partnerships with specialized distributors, contextual and targeted advertising, mailings, promotions, discounts and special offers, publications in thematic media – all this can be used to get you known and come to you.


Now you know why Internet marketing is important and what it gives to business. I would like to emphasize that there are no universal methods of business promotion on the World Wide Web. Digital marketing has a huge potential to form a unique strategy and achieve ambitious goals. If you engage in it regularly, the number of customers will grow steadily, and the business will scale.

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