Berlin, Germany-based carbon credit marketplace CEEZER and Milkywire, a Stockholm, Sweden-based startup, announced a partnership to push corporations to contribute towards carbon neutrality. The companies announced the partnership on November 29, 2022. 

Purpose of the partnership between CEEZER and Milkywire 

The partnership between CEEZER and Milkywire seeks to improve access to climate projects. It aims to help corporations make tangible climate action. 

Earlier in 2021, Milkywire launched the Climate Transformation Fund (CTF) as a charitable fund. It supports projects that make net zero a reality. The purpose of the collaboration is to help companies contribute directly to The Climate Transformation Fund. In addition, it seeks to empower corporations with the ability to directly make the find part of their existing emission reduction portfolio.

The direct contribution by corporates to CTF opens up an entirely new category of climate mitigation finance to corporate buyers on the platform. Moreover, it fundamentally facilitates holistic tracking and reporting of climate impact. Milkywire and CEEZER intend to work with new and existing customers to incorporate contributions into long-term mitigation portfolios of corporations – as a key contribution mechanism to corporate climate change mitigation.

The partnership with Milkywire helps CEEZER further to accelerate the company’s vision of a more efficient, more impactful carbon market for corporate players.

What the CEEZER official has to say

Magnus Drewelies, CEO of CEEZER, said, “We are excited to partner with Milkywire – a true pioneer in corporate climate action. Long-term climate mitigation portfolios will require holistic contribution models like the Climate Transformation Fund in addition to classical avoidance and removal credits. Making it even easier for organizations to contribute is key to our mission.”

What the Climate Transformation Fund official has to say

Robert Höglund, the climate advisor and manager of the Climate Transformation Fund, said, “Pioneering companies should take an impact-first approach and look at how they best can help reach global net zero with their climate contributions rather than just compensating for their own emissions. With the fund, we open a simple possibility for this.” 

What the Milkywire official has to say

Frida Helldén, partnership manager at Milkywire, further added, “We are excited to open another avenue for companies to contribute to the Climate Transformation Fund – fostering holistic climate action beyond credits. Ceezer is a perfect combination of data-driven planning and ease of use.”


In 2021, Magnus Drewelies founded CEEZER. Ceezer’s platform provides organizations access to and supports the complex voluntary carbon market. Companies can use the tool to partner with high-quality carbon projects. It leverages data to fuel its net-zero ambition with maximum impact. The company serves more than 50 corporate customers. It also works with project developers such as X-Prize winner Carbon Built. Its customer base is present in regions such as Europe and the U.S.

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