MIAMISBURG, Ohio, July 20, 2023 — A creative approach to the issue of carbon emissions is about to receive significantly more support. A USD 67 million Series B fundraising round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Climate Investment will go to Aeroseal, a climate-tech business with a device that may cut energy leakage in some buildings to practically zero.

According to Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, “buildings are a crucial but difficult to decarbonize sector, and Aeroseal’s technology is quickly having an immediate impact on emissions.” By considerably reducing HVAC demand and eliminating wasted energy from conventional heating and cooling systems, the company’s approach will simplify electrifying both new and existing buildings.

Since its founding, Aeroseal has sealed 260,000 buildings (residential and commercial), with the assistance of several renowned American house builders and a network of professional HVAC dealers in the United States and Canada. With the new cash, according to company CEO Amit Gupta, Aeroseal expects to secure that many buildings per year within three years.

We anticipate our momentum will continue as the need for healthier, more energy-efficient buildings grows worldwide, as do rules that are more stringent and incentives that are more generous for adopting newer codes, according to Gupta. “This is only the start.”

According to the World Green Building Council, buildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions.  In addition, leaks in an air duct system cause roughly half of the energy utilized to heat or cool a building to be squandered.  

When manual sealing techniques fail, Aeroseal’s technology injects sticky polymers into the air ducts and envelopes of a building to form seals. According to studies, homeowners who have their homes fixed with Aeroseal can quickly save thousands of dollars on energy costs.

According to Marc Van Den Berg, Global Managing Director for Ventures at Climate Investment, “Aeroseal’s approach to reducing energy consumption in buildings by addressing air leakage is truly innovative and industry-leading.” Its products have a considerable positive influence on the environment and building operations, reducing energy usage by an average of 30%. We are pleased to count Aeroseal among our Climate Investment portfolio’s esteemed members.

The notion of what constitutes a healthy, energy-efficient building is evolving thanks to Aeroseal. Its unique carbon dioxide removal technology creates a glue that seals building envelopes and air ducts more effectively than any other technique. The application can be completed in a single afternoon and does not need building tenants to change their way of life or have the building renovated. One of the best ways to decrease energy loss from buildings and enhance HVAC system performance is to use Aeroseal’s unique techniques. 

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