US-based Inbox Health raises US$ 15M in Series A funding

InsideTracker, the top healthspan optimization platform, said today that it has raised USD 15 million in Series B fundraising. The round was headed by PeakBridge and included participation from Cornucopian Capital, OurCrowd, BASF Venture Capital GmbH, and renewed participation from previous investors.

The most recent round of funding comes after InsideTracker’s precision wellness system for individualized nutrition, and healthspan optimization experienced exponential growth in sales. InsideTracker blends biomarker data from blood, DNA, activity trackers, and user-generated demographic data to produce suggestions backed by research to enhance healthspan—that is, to help users live healthier longer—and methodically accomplish their health and wellness goals.

According to Rony Sellam, CEO of InsideTracker:

 “this new investment enables us to increase research and development activities, boost marketing, and support operations so we can provide our solutions to help people live healthier and longer lives globally.We’re glad to have ongoing support from BASF Venture Capital GmbH, our angel investors, and InsideTracker’s respected scientific advisory board members,” says the company. We are very pleased to welcome PeakBridge, Cornucopian Capital, and OurCrowd as our newest investors.”

InsideTracker, a cross-disciplinary team of scientists and subject matter experts, uses a proprietary AI engine to integrate cutting-edge machine learning and computational biology with more than 60,000 human hours of meta-analysis and curation The engine’s ongoing development is overseen by Eran Segal, PhD, and Ali Torkamani, PhD, two recent additions to the esteemed scientific advisory board, as well as Renee Deehan, Phd and Gil Blander, PhD, Founder and CSO, and a group of eminent scientists.

Nadav Berger, General Partner and Co-Founder, PeakBridge:

“At PeakBridge, the relationship between nutrition and health has always been a central element in investment decisions. The most common chronic diseases in Western countries are thought to be mostly caused by diet, and a growing body of data indicates that a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition is ineffective.”

More about the startup:

InsideTracker is a method for optimizing nutrition and healthspan that was founded in 2009 by leading researchers in the domains of aging, genetics, and biology. By improving their bodies from the inside out, InsideTracker aims to help people live longer and experience more years. InsideTracker provides a clear picture of what is going on within the body and a science-backed action plan for enhancing health and maximizing healthspan by evaluating the body’s data from blood, DNA, and fitness trackers.

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