The Greentech sector across the globe is expanding exponentially. Israel is on the verge of becoming a global leader in Green technology. In the 2017 Global Greentech innovation index, Israel was ranked as #6. 

The ecosystem of Israel’s startup is using groundbreaking technologies to promote more ecologically responsible and environment-friendly decisions and manufacturing processes. Nearly USD 10 Billion was invested in privately-held Israeli tech firms in 2020. 

According to the experts Israeli Greentech companies “will continue to be a source of attraction for leading international, financial, and strategic players.” More than 600 Israeli startups are in a battle with climate change and innovating new approaches for protecting the environment, renewable energy, water treatment, and waste management. 

We have gathered a list of Top 10 Greentech Startups in Israel, who are taking their stance in bringing innovation in keeping our environment clean and green. The startups in this list are initiated after 2011. They are ranked according to the funding they have accumulated since their inception. The initial data is taken from CrunchBase and Pitchbook. 

  1. Optibus – 
  • Founded –  April 2014
  • Founder –  Amos Haggiag, Eitan Yanovsky, Gady Shlasky
  • Location –  Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 160 Million 

Optibus, a Greentech startup, is a developer of an Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS platform for planning and executing mass transportation.

  1. StoreDot –
  • Founded –  September 2012
  • Founder –  Doron Myersdorf, Gil Rosenman, Simon Litsyn
  • Location –  Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 130 Million

StoreDot develops a quick-charging battery to put back the lithium-ion element used on electric cars, phones, and other un-wired devices.

  1. ElectReon – 
  •  Founded –  2018
  • Founder –  Hanan Rumbak, Oren Ezer
  • Location –  Beit Yanai, HaMerkaz, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 50 Million

ElectReon offers a complete solution for the future E-city with nil gas and charging stations, no visible infrastructure and with a platform for shared energy for the near future ban on vehicles entering the urban environment that run on fossil fuels. It’s innovating a smart transportation tech for underground electric coils that recharge Electric vehicles wirelessly while travelling. 

  1. H2Pro – 
  •  Founded –  2019
  • Founder –  Hen Dotan, Talmon Marco
  • Location –  Caesarea, Hefa, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 32.2 Million

This Greentechstartup is enabling the wide-scale adoption of sustainable hydrogen fuel.

  1. Nostromo – 
  •  Founded –  March 2017 
  • Founder –   Eyal Ziv, Ofir Ben Nun, Yaron Ben nun
  • Location –  Shedema, HaMerkaz, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 24.4 Million

Nostromo Energy developed a water-based energy storage system that is testing the current Behind-The-Meter (BTM) energy storage landscape.

  1. Aquarius Engine – 
  •  Founded –  July 2014
  • Founder –  Ariel Gorfung, Gal Fridman, Shaul Yaakoby
  • Location –   Agudat Israel, HaDarom, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 18.4 Million

Aquarius is renewing the combustion engine to power the “series” hybrid Electric Vehicle car of the future. The Aquarius engine generator is dramatically smaller, cheaper, cleaner and more efficient than existing power generators. The startup is about to disrupt the market of Power Generators in Electric cars in particular.

  1. Synvertec ltd – 
  •  Founded –  Robert Meshel
  • Founder –  2014
  • Location –  Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 3.6  Million

This Greentech startup is utilizing innovative patented technology. It was initiated at Tel Aviv University, Synvertec helps ease high levels of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) within various electricity grids, while also exponentially enhancing the stability of the grid.

  1. Ray Catch – 
  •  Founded –  October 2015
  • Founder –   Haggai Hofland, Mike Goldstein, Noam Noy
  • Location –  Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 2.8 Million

Raycatch has developed DeepSolar, an innovative, Artificial Intelligence-driven digital asset management system that optimizes and automates solar PV assets, making renewable energy more accessible, accessible and efficient.

  1. Brightmerge –   
  •  Founded –   2018
  • Founder –  Daniel Schwab, Elkana Pressler, Keith Lehman
  • Location –  Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 500 K

Brightmerge a Greentech startup that offers a SaaS platform for enterprises that mechanize the design, development, and operation of energy microgrid systems.

  1. Brenmiller Energy – 
  •  Founded –  2012
  • Founder –  Avi Brenmiller
  • Location –  Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Total Funding Amount –  USD 1 Million

Brenmiller Energy is a data-driven decision making platform for modelling and optimising the economics of grid connected, multi-consumer, renewable energy, micro grid system, multi-generator while factoring financial sustainability and reliability parameters.

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