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ACKTEC bags US$ 1M in seed funding

ACKTEC bags US$ 1M in seed funding
ACKTEC bags US$ 1M in seed funding

Singapore-based edtech startup ACKTEC Technologies announced in March 2021 that it has raised US$ 1M in a seed funding round from local family office Octava.

Other funding round participants include SEEDS Capital, EduSpaze, Govin Capital and a group of angel investors.

The startup will use the proceeds from the funding round to develop its immersive learning content marketplace KQwest across Asia.

About the startup


Rayvan Ho founded ACKTEC Technologies in 2018. The immersive learning startup specialises in providing digital learning ecosystems, structuring and digitising learning and development (L&D) content for institutions. It stated that through its immersive learning platform ACKTEC Learn, organisations and institutions can innovate their existing L&D content into immersive learning modules leveraging technologies such as AR, VR and interactive 3D while maintaining a mobile-friendly format.

With the vision of automating knowledge via technology, it aims to create a vibrant and advanced community that provides professional development for all educators, trainers and teachers to guarantee high quality of learning for every type of student. Its product development is usually shorter and faster than most e-learning companies and its easy to use technology and product development process allows them to create products within days. Additionally, they are able to provide their customers with a high value of content curation and creation through the use of mobile e-learning embedded with 360 VR, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality features.

Statements from the stakeholders

Founder Ho said COVID-19 is changing the way people work and learn. He added that a movement is taking place worldwide to find more blended and digital modes of delivery, but it may be difficult to accept this process without an understanding of how course content should be restructured, and what technologies and modes of learning are best suited to meet the organisation’s and the user’s needs.

He was quoted to have said, “With this funding, we will be able to better support organisations who are looking to digitise their learning processes, and help them transform and participate in the growing global digital learning ecosystem.”

Tan Ying Yong, Director at Octava said the ACKTEC Learn platform already serves more than 705,000 active learners across 16 nations, across industries such as transportation, education and finance, and he believes in their ability to advance and reach a global audience.

ACKTEC is on a mission to make immersive learning accessible and affordable for all by removing the need for usage of costly equipment and serving the growing population of mobile device users. 

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