Ridgeland, a USA-based leader in K-12 data-driven solutions empowering student success, SchoolStatus acquired SchoolNow, a unified digital publishing platform for K-12 that streamlines how schools engage families and their communities. The company announced the acquisition on February 13, 2024. However, it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

Purpose of the acquisition by SchoolStatus

SchoolStatus acquired SchoolNow in its entirety, including SchoolNow’s operations, technology, team of employees, as well as its clients. SchoolNow users will continue to have access to the same products and services they currently use. 

SchoolStatus also recently announced the launch of its new student success platform. The user-friendly, fully integrated platform features SchoolStatus Connect for personalized communications as well as SchoolStatus Attend for reducing chronic absenteeism. Both solutions empower families, administrators, and educators with data and insights to drive positive student outcomes.

What the company’s official has to add 

Russ Davis, CEO and founder of SchoolStatus, said, “SchoolNow is an excellent addition to our recently launched student success platform as both companies share the common goal of solving schools’ biggest challenges in communication and making it easier for schools to connect and engage with families. Integrating SchoolNow’s technology will further allow SchoolStatus to offer our district partners the leading solutions for improving student achievement and attendance—delivering another piece of the puzzle.”

What the SchoolNow official has to comment

Steve Williams, CEO of SchoolNow and co-founder, further said, “Personalized and simplified communications help reach families and build connections. Our product has streamlined school communications to be the easiest way for families to connect and schools to engage. By teaming up with SchoolStatus, we can continue to help school staff focus on what is being shared in a meaningful and personalized way.”

About SchoolNow

SchoolNow, a creative web and digital communications firm that serves K–12 as well as other schools, institutions, and communities, was formerly known as Campus Suite. SchoolNow offers the digital platform and instructional materials through the SchoolNow Academy to assist schools with community involvement and communications planning, building on a 25-year history of supplying websites for educational institutions and collaborating with specialists in digital school communication.

About SchoolStatus

SchoolStatus offers a full range of attendance and communication tools that improve teacher-family relationships and foster student achievement. Administrators and educators have complete visibility into every aspect of the education ecosystem with instant access to student data and attendance trends across the district. Calling, texting, sending videos, and printing materials focused on proactive intervention that enhances family involvement and student outcomes are examples of data-driven, multi-touch, multi-touch communications. SchoolStatus is enhancing student outcomes by promoting meaningful connection between educators, districts, and families nationwide, with millions of successful school-home exchanges.To explore more such startups, visit Zefyron Startup Database

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