The 10 PropTech Startups in Europe
The 10 PropTech Startups in Europe
European companies managed to raise just under US$ 500 million through 87 PropTech deals in 2019. The top investment rounds are mainly generated in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and France. With the proptech scene in Europe having a lot more scope to develop, let’s learn about the current Top 10 PropTech startups in the European region.

1. McMakler


Founders: Felix Jahn, Hanno Heintzenberg and Lukas Pieczonka

Founding Year: 2015

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Funding received: US$ 94M

Investors: Warburg Pincus, Balderton Capital, DN Capital, Target Global, Lakestar, Piton Capital, Saarbruecker 21, Cavalry Ventures, Frog Capital, Mutschler Ventures AG and 5 other investors

McMakler is a leading real estate business platform based in Germany. It combines advanced digital analysis, marketing and communication technologies with the personalized consultation of its customers by its own local agents. In recent years, the startup has developed into a renowned and well-known brand and is taking on a ground-breaking role in the proptech industry.

2. Bien’ici


Founders: Igal Cabalo

Founding Year: 2015

Headquarters: Paris, France

Funding received: €33 Million

Investors: Nexity, FONCIA Group, Orpi, Opera Finance International, Laforêt, Fnaim

Bien’ici is a European proptech startup that aims to enhance the user’s property research experience. Its platform uses unique 3D-mapping technology, taking into account not only the housing conditions but also neighbourhood life, conveyance, shops and schools/colleges nearby.


Founders: Alexander Eid, Louis Eid, Sami Eid

Founding Year: 2016

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: US$ 5.5M

Investors: Seedcamp, Connect Ventures, The Family, VentureFriends, Concrete Venture Capital, Rianta Capital aims to make renting stress-free for both renters and agents. Their personal agents help tenants understand renting and utilize custom-made technology to search the entire market for houses in real-time and handle their logistics. They also work alongside agents so that they can obtain qualified ready-to-move tenants, increasing their deal flow and payments.

4. Mashroom


Founders: Stepan Dobrovolskiy

Founding Year: 2018

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: £4 Million

Investors: British Business Bank Investments

Mashroom is a proptech startup that provides end-to-end property letting services to owners and tenants. Its platform helps home-owners update their listings, receive information about their tenants, manage their property’s viewings and talk with potential tenants.

5. Sensorberg


Founders: Alexander Oelling, Michael von Roeder

Founding Year: 2013

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Funding received: €2M

Investors: Microsoft Accelerator, XAnge, Microsoft Accelerator Berlin, WestTech Ventures, Berlin Technologie Holding, Polar Light Ventures, SIGNA Innovations, Surplus Invest, Bauwens Digital

Sensorberg digitizes complex buildings and physical developments within offices, co-working spaces and hotels. It has developed hardware and software packages compatible with pre-existing systems. Taking access to the building as the initial point, interactive solutions have been built for meeting room reservations and employee/visitor management. The Sensorberg solution is available for both furnishing new building constructions and retrofitting existing ones.

6. Plaace


Founders: Peder Søholt, Snorre Myhre and Tobias Martinsen

Founding Year: 2020

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

Funding received: US$ 1.4M

Investors: Antler, StartupLab, Innovation Norway, Gunnar Rydning

The Plaace platform uses data and analytics to help retail property owners, tenants and brokers define strategies, match with potential candidates and collaborate. Its vision is to become the world’s number one company that creates vibrant streets and cities by supporting the people responsible for building its urban fabric.

7. MoveWise


Founders: Tom Scarborough

Founding Year: 2018

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: US$ 1.4M

Investors: Simon Murdoch, Hambro Perks Ltd., Paul Forster, Simon Franks, William Reeve, Doug Monro

Movewise helps real estate owners sell properties at efficient prices. It provides personalized expert advice to every property vendor and aims to provide each and every client with the best possible sales experience and get the most from every property sale.

8. Brickbro


Founders: Guillermo Preckler Cañadas

Founding Year: 2018

Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

Funding received: €1.1M

Investment: Product crowdfunding

Brickbro’s digital platform enables investors to choose the real estate prospects in which they want to invest, depending on the type of property, terms and expected returns. It is touted to be one of the leading real estate investment platforms in the Spanish market currently.

9. Hammock


Founders: Manoj Varsani

Founding Year: 2019

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: £1 Million

Investors: Second Century Ventures, Ascension Ventures, Founders Factory, Fuel Ventures

Hammock is a proptech platform that helps landlords manage transactions on the go. It provides current account and data analysis services enabling landlords and property managers to save time and money in managing their finances. The Hammock platform converts data from individual transactions into real-time, actionable insights so that clients can track and optimize the performance of their portfolio. It also manages the clients’ property finances, from renting to insights into profit and loss, including bookkeeping and reconciliation.

10. Unissu


Founders: Eddie Holmes, James Dearsley

Founding Year: 2018

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: US$ 800K

Investors: Rising Stars, M7 Real Estate, Harry Hill, Asia PropTech, Property Forum, Robert Gilchrist

Unissu claims to be the best source for proptech data, content and research. Stakeholders of the real estate industry can use the Unissu platform to gain new information and insights into the ever-growing world of proptech.

The startup’s aim is to bring together a flourishing community under one virtual roof; an abode where they can share fascinating updates, ideas and industry knowledge so that they can all benefit and realize the full potential of the proptech industry.

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