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Top 10 AgriTech startups in Israel

Israel’s history in agriculture has been remarkable, developing into an ecosystem of pathbreaking, technologically advanced agritech startups using robots, artificial intelligence and to make farming more cost- effective. 

Here are the most exciting ones:

1- Kaiima

Founders: Doron Gal

Headquarter: Kfar Tavor, HaZafon, Israel

Founded year: 2006

Funding received: USD 113 Million.

Investors: IFC Venture Capital Group, Horizons Ventures, DFJ TelAviv Ventures Partners and Tamir Fishman Ventures

About the company: Kaiima is a privately held organization that is also known as an agro – biotech start-up that expands crop production through Clean Genome Multiplication technology. They have a work strength of around 50 – 100 employees. The start-up also collaborates with various partners around the globe for increasing new crop varieties. 

2- Evogene

Founders: Dr. Hagai Karchi and Dr. Rafi Meissner

Headquarter: Rehovot, HaMerkaz, Israel

Founded year: 2002

Funding received: USD 94.5 Million.

Investors: ARK Investment Management

About the company: Evogene is a publicly held Ag- Biotech trait development company that utilizes plant genomics and its technology platform to develop seed traits underlying crop performance and productivity. They have a work strength of around 251 – 500 employees. The company also applies its technology through both breeding methods and biotechnology.

3- See Tree

Founders: Barak Hachamov, Guy Morgenstern and Israel Talpaz

Headquarter: Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded year: August 2017

Funding received: USD 44.7 Million.

Investors: International Finance Corporation and Hanaco Venture Capital

About the company: See Tree is a privately held organization and has a work strength of 20 -50 employees. The company offers direct and complete transparency into each tree’s health and production by leveraging the most powerful technology available. 

4- Phytech

Founders: Sarig Duek

Headquarter: Rosh Ha’ayin, HaMerkaz, Israel

Founded year: 2011

Funding received: USD 44.3 Million.

Investors: Syngenta Ventures, Thomas H. Lee Partners, Tencent Holdings, Mitsui & Co.

About the company: Phytech is a privately held Ag IoT startup that increases plant-based farming application and also provides farmers with decision-support services to develop their yield. The services provided by the company are based on innovative plant sensors, which help to detect plant’s growth in real-time and gives critical alert to farmers through mobile applications. They have a work strength of around 50 -100 employees.

5- Tevel Aerobotics Technologies

Founders: Yaniv Maor

Headquarter: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded year: Oct 1, 2016

Funding received: USD 30 Million.

Investors: Hubei Forbon Technology, Agfunder and Maverick Ventures Israel.

About the company: Tevel Aerobotics Technologies is a privately held robotics platform that generates autonomous concepts for orchard harvest and management. For performing multiple tasks like thinning, picking and pruning tasks in orchards, the company also developed a drone fleet. They have a work strength of 10 -20 employees.

6- CropX

Founders: Issac Bentwich

Headquarter: Netanya, HaMerkaz, Israel

Founded year: August 2013

Funding received: USD 24.3 Million.

Investors: GreenSoil Investment, Armada Capital, Finistere Ventures, Tal Capital and Germin8 Ventures.

About the company: CropX is a privately held ag- analytics organization that develops cloud-based software solutions integrated with wireless sensors, which boosts crops yield. They have a work strength of 10 -50 employees. The company is also known as “Varigate”. The organization also creates maps and mechanically puts in the correct amount of water to different parts of the same fields.

7- Prospera 

Founders: Daniel Koppel, Raviv Itzhaky and Shimon Shpiz

Headquarter: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded year: 2014

Funding received: USD 22 Million.

Investors: Tekfen Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and Bessemer Ventures Partners

About the company: Prospera is a privately held organization which is also known as an agricultural technology data company that grows intelligent solutions. The company’s technologies develop computer vision that monitors and analyzes plant health. The same technology also captures visual data and the climate of the field. They have a work strength of 11- 50 employees.

8- FieldIn

Founders: Boaz Bachar and Iftach Birger

Headquarter: Yoqne`am illit, HaZafon, Israel

Founded year: May 5, 2013

Funding received: USD 17 Million.

Investors: Zeev Ventures, Germin8 Ventures, Mindset Ventures, Terra Ventures Partners and Gal Ventures.

About the company: FieldIn is a privately held organization that works as an Ag data software service that improves pest management systems in orchards and vineyards. Its legal name is Agromentum. Ltd. It also helps farmers and their stakeholders to track progress and reduce work errors in the field. The organization provides farm professionals with practical tools to manage every pest control step in the field with a new level of transparency. They have a work strength of 11- 50 employees.

9- Rootility

Founders: Rafael Meissner

Headquarter: Na’an, HaMerkaz, Israel

Founded year: August 2006

Funding received: USD 10 Million.

Investors: ADM Capital

About the company: Rootility is a privately held organization that develops and utilizes creative root- focused plant breeding methods to grow crop yields. They use GMO- free methods based on sophisticated empirical work with the help of well-known breeding techniques. The company aims to expand its cost-effective products globally. They have a work strength of 10- 15 employees.

10- AgriTask

Founders: Israel Fraier 

Headquarter: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded year: 2010

Funding received: USD 9.1 Million.

Investors: EIT Food and InsuResilience Investment Fund

About the company: AgriTask is a privately held organization that provides a holistic data-driven agronomic management platform that upgrades the productivity of farmers globally through extensive use of ag- data, AI products and advanced technologies. The company’s operating system for agriculture helps to facilitate integration with many software and hardware data sources. They have a work strength of 11- 50 employees.

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