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Allens launches a new accelerator program named Auctus


Allens launches a new accelerator program named Auctus
Allens launches a new accelerator program named Auctus

Global Australian law firm Allens, to digitally transform the legal system, has launched a new accelerator program called Auctus, in which it is backing seven startups.

The startups are based in four different countries and deal with document automation, smart contracts and AI-powered data management.

Allens is a prominent international law firm with a long and proud legacy of shaping the future for its clients, its people and the communities in which they work. The firm has been operating in the legal tech startup space with Allens Accelerate, a legal practice backing Australian startups. It works with startups, investors, corporates and government agencies to build companies.

The Auctus – Allens Legal Accelerator, an eight-week virtual program, got more than 120 applications from legaltech and regtech startups, which were then scrutinised to reach the Top 15 who pitched their ideas in front of a board from Allens and Collective Campus before the final seven were selected.

The founders of the chosen startups now work with mentors and professionals from Allens on their legal, progress and innovation strategies and attend master-classes, testing and receive feedback on their products.

Penelope Barr, Allens Head of Legal Product Lab, said the group addresses unrelenting issues the firm and its clients face in transformative ways. She quoted, “We are excited by the potential of our first group of startups to not only add to our legal tech offering but to meaningfully contribute to the Australian legal landscape more broadly.”

The chosen startups are: 

  • Avvoka: A next-gen document automation, negotiation and analytics tool for in-house legal, law firms and business teams.
  • BuildSort: A smart legal contract platform targeting the construction sector for now.
  • Hutly: A smart contract platform that streamlines contract management with a way for general tenancy agreements to be completed, issued, tracked, and digitally signed in minutes.
  • Inpact: An AI-driven enterprise software platform that turns contracts into structured, easily-analyzable data to identify new business insights.
  • Summize: A lightweight assistant to the contract lifecycle, which creates an instant, easy-to-read summary of uploaded contracts.
  • Syntheia: An end-to-end data solution that helps collect, manage, share and apply data from documents and experts.
  • Wage Buddy: A legaltech platform that simplifies the Australian Fair Work Awards’ work by analysing, interpreting, and codifying Awards to enable automated reasoning.

Allens has 40 offices in 28 locations through its global alliance with Linklaters, an international law firm based in London.

Allens is dedicated to bringing its talent, expertise and insights to solving its clients most challenging problems and creating innovative ways to help them flourish.

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