An emerging computer vision platform provider, Advertima announced on 29th July, 2020, that it has procured €15 million Series A investment. The round was led by a Swiss real estate company known as Fortimo Group, which is also an existing shareholder of Advertima.

The founders intend to deploy the fresh capital to strengthen the company’s position in the smart spaces market and develop the platform on global scale.

Remo Bienz, Founder of Fortimo Group commented, “It is clear that the rapid digitization of our society is going to have an impact on consumer habits, especially in the retail sector.”

About the company

The Swiss based company, launched in 2016, empowers retailers, especially grocers to develop smart spaces that provide consumer-centric, relevant and frictionless in-store shopping experiences.

Using AI, machine learning and computer vision, the start-up has developed the ‘Human Data Layer’, which visually interprets human behavior in physical spaces. Advertima enables the smart spaces of the future by providing a real-time and easily accessible data stream, to interact with people in a seamless and meaningful way.


Advertima first set its sight on the grocery retail sector. Advertima’s Technology supports to fast-track the evolution of grocery retailers in the fast changing retail world which is now adapting due to the impact of coronavirus pandemic.

The company deals in smart inventory management and autonomous checkout while providing engaging and relevant content on smart digital screens throughout the in-store shopping journey of every customer. By making retail spaces smart, grocers now generate greater returns per square meter, increase their revenues and maximize the efficiency of their stores due to the smart retail spaces.

Advertima’s smart retail portfolio has been developed with the international grocer SPAR and Switzerland’s largest retailer, Migros. The technology is already being used by 14 companies across 8 different countries. 

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