Virginia, a USA-based cybersecurity company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology to overburdened cybersecurity teams, Andesite AI, has emerged out of stealth with USD 15.25 million in funding. The round took place on April 9, 2024. Red Cell Partners and General Catalyst co-developed the platform.

Purpose of the funding by Andesite

We are developing the next generation of security analyst experiences at Andesite. Our goal is to empower cyber defenders to act more nimbly in a security environment that is becoming more and more data-dense.

Andesite, in collaboration with Red Cell and General Catalyst, has created a cutting-edge AI security analytics platform that will enable cyber analysts in the public and private sectors to protect themselves against advanced persistent threats (APTs). The most recent business to open under Red Cell’s recently established Cyber Practice is Andesite, which is run by George Barnes, a former NSA deputy director. 

What the Andesite officials have to add

Andesite’s Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Carbaugh, said, “At Andesite, we’re building the next-generation security analyst experience. Our mission is to supercharge cyber defenders to operate with greater agility in an increasingly data-dense security environment. Red Cell and General Catalyst’s support of our efforts demonstrates not only their faith in our technology but also their commitment to making both government and commercial organizations stronger and more resilient in the face of today’s relentless cyber threat landscape.”

General Catalyst Advisor Lt. Gen. (Retired) Scott Howell further said, “I partnered with General Catalyst to help bring global resilience to our most critical industries. The need to urgently modernize our approach to cyber with AI is something I saw firsthand at JSOC, and I’m now excited to help Andesite bring those capabilities to organizations and governments.” 

About Andesite

The goal of Andesite is to increase the effectiveness and capacity of cyber defence units. Its cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technology is designed to speed up the process of converting decentralized data sets into actionable insights, making cyber threat decision-making simpler. This enhances the ability of cyber defenders and analysts to identify threats and vulnerabilities faster, set priorities, assign resources, and respond to and fix issues in a way that lowers costs and strengthens security posture. Andesite’s goal is to increase analysts’ productivity while decreasing their workload. The company was founded by a group of computer professionals who are “Analyst Obsessed.”  

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