Nantes, a France-based tech startup providing farmers with mobile and connected solutions, Weenat, raised EUR 8.5 million in investment. The Series C round took place on April 8, 2024. ECBF, a European German-based bioeconomy impact fund; Pymwymic, a Dutch-based impact investor; LIBERSET, a transatlantic investment company; and IDIA Capital Investissement, a Series B investor that reaffirms its confidence in Weenat led the financing for the company.

Purpose of financing for Weenat

These company firmly believe in taking action to promote a more sustainable agricultural sector with the latest funding. 

What the company’s official has to add

Jérôme Le Roy, founder of Weenat, said, “We are thrilled to welcome new investors who share our commitment to make the most meaningful impact. With these new financials means, we will continue to innovate, equipping the farming community with data-driven tools essential for more resilient agriculture which currently faces so many challenges.” 

Roy further added, “As a leading player in weather data and water management, Weenat’s ambition is to deploy its innovations throughout Europe, empowering farmers with effective and user-friendly solutions. In 2023, our 10.000 soil sensors resulted in the conservation of 32 million cubic meters of water. The potential impact of scaling our solutions across all fields in Europe is truly stunning!”

What the investors have to comment

Stéphane Roussel, Partner at European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF), said, “With climate change and water scarcity pressing upon us, Weenat stands out in the rapidly growing precision irrigation market for its track record of profitable growth. A first-rate founding team and a high level of scientific excellence have earnt them the trust of farmers and a leading position in France. We’re really confident in Weenat’s ability to make its mark on the wider market and excited about its potential for exceptional impact!” 

About the company

Weenat is committed to helping farmers deal with the problems caused by water scarcity, and the core of its approach is innovation. The company strengthened its R&D skills via the successful acquisition of Weather Measures, a data-driven Agtech startup, in 2021. It is still dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to the farming community, whether through internal development or external acquisitions. 

Weenat, which launched in 2014, has become a leader in technology, having been the first to create a wireless weather station that was linked to a smartphone app. Since then, the business has grown its internal expertise in engineering, machine learning, agronomy, and metrology, in addition to developing true know-how for producing dependable sensors. Weenat has over 25,000 sensors installed across Europe and is currently profitable in its core business after ten years of operation. More than 200 in-field partners, including top cooperatives, dealers, and the food industries in Germany, Spain, and France, support its network. Apart from assembling vast collections of calibrated and spatialized meteorological and soil water data, Weenat also offers solutions to the food and agriculture sectors, promoting climate-resilient practices. With this special combination of skills, Weenat is well-positioned for significant growth throughout Europe and beyond.

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