California, USA-based AI company creating digital twins of clinical trial participants that enable smaller, faster studies, Unlearn raised USD 50 million in Series C. The company announced the funding on February 8, 2024. Altimeter Capital led the financing for the company. Meanwhile, returning investors Radical Ventures, Wittington Ventures, Mubadala Capital, Epic Ventures, and Necessary Venture Capital also joined in the financing. In addition, Insight Partners, 8VC, DCVC, and DCVC Bio joined in Series C. 

Purpose of financing for Unlearn

With the latest funding, Unlearn seeks to propel the company’s mission to advance AI to eliminate trial and error in medicine. It also has plans to invest in its people, data, and engineering capabilities. Besides, the company also aims to invest in longer-term R&D initiatives.

What the company’s official has to add 

Charles Fisher, PhD, founder and CEO of Unlearn, said, “Pharmaceutical companies are spending over $100 billion dollars a year on clinical research, yet the industry remains sceptical about new technology that has the power to truly transform research. Breaking down these barriers and proving the value of digital twin technology continues to be a main driver for us at Unlearn. And, this round of financing will allow us to not only grow our team but also expand our capabilities into more therapeutic areas to build awareness and prove the value.”

What the investors have to comment 

Pauline Yang, Partner at Altimeter Capital, further added, “Unlearn is introducing powerful AI models to help make clinical research more streamlined and efficient. We’re excited to be a part of their journey to seek to reduce the number of participants needed for research, ultimately with hopes of reducing costs and improving outcomes for partners in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Rob Toews, Partner at Radical Ventures, further said, “Unlearn has built one of the most original and impactful applications of AI in the market today. The company’s platform is transforming clinical trials, using cutting-edge AI to help bring life-changing therapeutics to patients sooner.”

About the company 

Charles Fisher in 2017 launched the company. Unlearn is a San Francisco-based technology startup that uses AI to decrease trial and error in medicine. Unlearn’s technology supports clinical trials for prominent global pharmaceutical companies, allowing them to reach full enrollment faster and introduce novel therapies to patients sooner. The European Medicines Agency has validated their methodologies, which use participants’ digital twins, and they are in line with current FDA recommendations. 

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