San Francisco, USA-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS provider transforming pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, Aizon, announced an investment of USD 20 million in Series C funding. The round took place on February 8, 2024. NewVale Capital, a growth equity fund investing in proven, revenue-generating service businesses in pharmaceuticals as well as biotechnology, led the financing for the company. Existing investors such as Atlantic Bridge, Crosslink Capital, and Uncork Capital also participated in the round. 

Purpose of financing for Aizon

With the latest financing as well as the support from its investment partners, the company has plans to scale its operations significantly. It further looks forward to accelerating its development pipeline. Meanwhile, the company is trying to serve its customers better.

What the company’s official has to add 

Pep Gubau, Aizon CEO and co-founder, further added, “This investment is pivotal to the future growth of our company as it validates the success of our platform and enables us to better execute on our strategic roadmap. With this additional capital and the support of our partners, we can accelerate the launch of our innovative eBR solution in Q3 2024. We are excited to introduce this transformative solution, underscoring our commitment to continually advancing our offerings and empowering our customers with the most effective, cutting-edge technologies.”

What the investors have to comment 

Todd Holmes, managing partner at NewVale Capital, said, “Aizon’s AI-driven solutions are poised to redefine pharmaceutical manufacturing, and we are excited to play a role in this next chapter as the company continues to grow and transform this industry. Our focus is on companies that serve the pharmaceutical space with a proven business model and strong value proposition to their customers, and Aizon exemplifies the type of partner we’re looking for.”

About Aizon

Pep Gubau, Pere Merino and Toni Manzano are the founders of the company. Aizon is at the vanguard of pharmaceutical manufacturing innovation with its advanced, GMP-compliant predictive analytics platform, which is distinguished by a unique combination of industrialized AI and contextualized Historian. This powerful synergy, combined with the platform’s flexibility, enables Aizon to give unprecedented insights and better decision-making skills in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Aizon uses advanced predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and other smart factory technologies to offer pharmaceutical producers the most powerful and user-friendly GMP AI platform available. Customers using Aizon have access to next-generation insights and increased decision-making capabilities, as well as the ability to uncover new optimization paths, cut costs, detect deviations, and improve manufacturing systems.

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