Cambridge, USA-based Invaio Sciences acquired Peptyde Bio, a company discovering, designing and characterizing novel peptides for use in agriculture. The company announced the acquisition on December 7, 2023. However, it did not disclose the amount of the acquisition.

Purpose of the acquisition by Invaio Sciences 

With the latest acquisition, Invaio brings an established platform and IP portfolio to its resources. It further enables Invaio to speed up the design and discovery of biologically active peptides. It also allows the company protect crops from pests and disease in a more sustainable way. 

What the company’s official has to add

Ignacio Martinez, Founding CEO of Invaio, said, “This acquisition adds Peptyde Bio’s portfolio of confirmed peptide lead candidates for use in crop protection to our existing pipeline. When combined with our innovative biological delivery systems, we are uniquely positioned to offer growers more natural, efficient and effective solutions to protect their crops. It’s a truly exciting time for Invaio and the industry as we accelerate the leap to more nature-positive solutions for farmers.” 

In addition, Yajie Niu, Chief Science Officer at Invaio, said, “We’re delighted to bring Peptyde Bio into the Invaio fold. This will further enhance Invaio’s AI discovery platform, enabling us to speed new biological actives into the hands of growers and making Invaio the most advanced bioactive discovery platform and pipeline in the industry.” 

Invaio Sciences operates under Flagship Pioneering, is a bio platform company accelerating the leap to nature-positive agriculture. The company builds on advances in human health as well as digital innovation to develop biological technologies for crop health. It further enables farmers to both improve yields and use more natural crop health solutions. Invaio is catering to consumer demands and unlocks radical benefits for farmers and the environment, leaving every acre better today and for generations to come.

What the Peptyde official has to comment

Tom Laurita, PhD, CEO of Danforth Technology Company, said, “One of the principal purposes of the Danforth Center and DTC is to quickly bring emerging technologies developed at the Center to the market. This acquisition by Invaio is the first exit for a DTC company and proves that our strategy is working.”   

Besides, Czymmek, PhD, CTO of Peptyde Bio, said, “Peptyde Bio has created a large pipeline of peptides with novel modes of action. We are looking forward to integrating our technology into the Invaio discovery engine and delivery platform.”

About Peptyde

Peptyde Bio works under Danforth Technology Company (DTC), a subsidiary of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center facilitating early-stage development of startup companies based on technologies developed by Danforth Center scientists. Danforth Center scientists Dilip Shah, PhD and Kirk Czymmek, PhD, developed the antimicrobial peptide technology. 

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