New York, USA-based company advancing a solution for making premium cold brew at home, The Cumulus Coffee Company raised USD 20.3 million in seed funding. The round took place on November 17, 2023. Valor Siren Ventures and Valor Equity Partners led the financing for the company. Meanwhile, Maveron, Howard Schultz, Linden Ventures, Carter Reum, and Ryan Tedder joined in the funding. 

Purpose of financing for The Cumulus Coffee Company

The recent innovation serves as a pivotal moment in the evolution of cold coffee. It is the result of cutting-edge technology combined with world-class expertise in the science and craft of coffee.

What the company’s official has to add

Mesh Gelman, founder and CEO of The Cumulus Coffee Company, earlier having leadership roles at Starbucks for over six years, said, “Our team of experts across coffee, technology, and design has worked tirelessly to bring the sacred ritual of enjoying delicious, hand-crafted cold coffee into the home in a way that’s never been done before. The cold coffee market is enormous, with 75% of American café drinkers now preferring cold over hot beverages. I am so proud of what we have accomplished and can’t wait to share Cumulus’ coffee and its revolutionary machine with the world.”

What the investors and other experts have to comment 

Jon Shulkin, Co-President of Valor Equity Partners and Fund Manager for Valor Siren Ventures said, “The nitro cold brew coffee market is one of the fastest growing segments in the coffee space. We believe that the Cumulus team, through many years of research, has created an exciting new product for nitro cold brew coffee drinkers. We are grateful to partner with Mesh and the Cumulus team as they achieve their vision of creating an at-home high-quality nitro cold brew coffee experience that is as easy as making hot coffee.”

Howard Schultz, Chairman Emeritus of Starbucks, further said, “Coffee has experienced a significant shift over the past few years as consumers have overwhelmingly switched to cold versus hot coffee. Cumulus’ opportunity to bring premium cold coffee beverages to the home is simply enormous and will raise the bar for cold brew coffee everywhere.”

About the company 

Mesh Gelman in 2022 launched the company. The Cumulus Coffee Company created the first-ever solution for brewing premium cold brew and nitro cold brew at home. Leveraging cutting-edge technology coupled with world-class expertise in the science and craft of coffee, Cumulus has succeeded in streamlining, shortening, as well as consolidating the cold brewing process. Meanwhile, at the same time, it brought all the nuances and flavours of hot coffee to the cold coffee space. 

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