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24 April 2023, Taipei — SKS Capital, a renowned venture capital and private equity firm, has announced a strategic investment in Grace, Korea’s most extensive collection of foreign health and beauty brands. With a USD 5 million investment, SKS Capital is the Series B funding’s leading investor.

By scaling operations, adding staff, and creating new service offerings, Grace will use the funds to increase business operations and pursue growth prospects in the area. 

“The brand aggregator decision has been to diversify the product offerings and to rely on the recession-resistant Health and Beauty industry,” Grace founder Abraham Cho stated. Grace will be able to turn into a significant player in Southeast Asia with the help of SKS’ experience in marketing, distribution, and logistics.

Olive Young, the most significant health and beauty retailer in Korea, receives the bulk of its supplies from Grace, which also provides goods to more than 50,000 offline stores and online outlets in the country. Grace has been expanding its business by collaborating with and distributing Korean products through B2B and D2C channels to more than 60 countries. Asian customers are increasingly lured to the creativity and quality of Korean beauty brands, which are growing in popularity.

By establishing linkages in Southeast Asia, where SKS has a significant footprint in the beauty ecosystem, including overall supply chain, logistics, distributors, licensees, e-commerce, retailers, and celebrity contacts, SKS Capital will assist Grace in growing. 

According to Grand View Research, the Asia-Pacific beauty market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% from 2020 to 2027.

This transaction is a part of SKS Capital’s ongoing strategic investment in the cosmetics and personal care market. SKS Capital has offices in Shanghai and Taipei. “Our main focus is to source potential investments in the APAC region and to introduce the company to new markets to drive business advancement,” continued Chen. 

One of the first contemporary venture capital and private equity firms in Asia, SKS Capital was established in 2017 and focuses on the consumer, including consumer enabling technologies, F&B, distribution channels, D2C beauty and health brands, and e-commerce.

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