CHICAGO, 21 MARS 2023 – For its Illinois debut, Cannect Wellness, a high-end craft cannabis farmer and product maker, has raised USD 7.5 million in equity capital. Its 62,000-square-foot, cutting-edge cultivation and product production plant is located just outside Chicago and will utilize the cash to finish phase one of development.

One of the first Craft Grower licenses the State of Illinois granted went to Cannect Wellness. The business is on pace to be among the first Craft Grower licensees to begin operations in the state, with construction underway and activities set to begin in the coming months.

Gabe Singal, CEO and Co-Founder of Cannect Health, said, “We are excited to deliver our exclusive combination of artisan cannabis to the Illinois market. “Illinois is where our business was conceived, born, and raised. We are dedicated to writing a Craft Grower success story in this vibrant and dynamic industry.”

Customers will have access to various high-quality artisanal cannabis items from Cannect Wellness. The firm distinguishes itself from larger, more industrial companies in the market, concentrating on small-batch, artisan cultivation, and product manufacturing.

Singal stated, “Our staff is dedicated to delivering the purest and exceptional items you can discover. “We use ecologically friendly, organic, and sustainable farming techniques to produce top-notch flowers.”

The cannabis sector, according to Singal, “has the potential to be a force for good in communities around the country.” “We are committed to doing our share to help Illinois achieve that.”

That perspective is shared by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, which continues to assist Craft Growers as they establish themselves.

“The Department is happy to see that efforts to create a fair cannabis market in Illinois continue to be successful. Illinois is a national leader in promoting social justice and reversing some of the negative effects of the drug war, as seen by the cohort of Craft Grower licensees that are 100% social equity applicants “Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture Jerry Costello II. “The Department will continue working with our licensees to establish a prosperous and equitable cannabis industry in Illinois.”

Many cannabis enthusiasts in Illinois are anxiously awaiting the debut of Cannect Wellness. The company’s emphasis on premium flowers, extracts, and concentrates will undoubtedly appeal to customers looking for the best artisanal cannabis products. Cannect Wellness intends to sell a variety of high-quality craft cannabis items, including as flowers, pre-rolls, cartridges with live resin, solventless extracts, and sweets.

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