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Blockchain functions to keep the record of every transaction in its ledger which has occurred on the network. The record of transitions is available for everyone due to its transparency and hence the public can see clearly what is going on the blockchain ledger whereas banks cannot make their system decentralized. As the data available on the ledger is accessible by anyone across the globe. Only an internet connection should be available to accomplish the task. If you’re looking for a trusted trading platform that will help you earn more money, go to

However, it all depends on the currency of the transaction. You just have to verify the related blockchain to check insight into that transaction. For instance, in case you are willing to transfer some bitcoins and want to check the current position of that particular transaction, your priority should have to Confer with Ethereum blockchain.

Why is it essential to track cryptocurrency transactions?

As we all are aware that transaction data is kept in the public blockchain safely so that it can be easily accessible to everyone. A transaction is constituted with the amount of total currency transferred, the address of the person who is sending the crypto current, and similarly receiver address along with the timestamp. However, the transactions are assigned a unique transaction ID which is like a hash for every transactional data. However, a block gain or a wallet or a full Node is useful to track the ongoing transactions and their current status as well.

Transaction data of cryptocurrency

When the payment of a cryptocurrency is accessible at the mentioned address, hence all the elements or facts about the transferred cryptocurrency are added to the blockchain. However, these details are also publicly available which include the history of the transactions. The inclusions are:

  1. Total Amount of cryptocurrency sent;
  2. The address of the Sender
  3. A.the address of the Receiver
  4. transfer date.

However, the particular transactions are assigned with a particular transaction ID. Once the receiver of the payment can ask you for your unique transaction ID for just information and information as well so that the transactions took place. The reference numbers and the transaction IDs both are similar while executed in terms of payment.

 Moreover, the proof of whether a transaction was successfully done or not is thereby represented. In case you are willing to check whether the transactions have already been processed, the more helpful will be its unique transaction ID to provide the necessary transfer details as well. Commonly the transaction status is however determined by the count of total confirmations which are accumulated in the blockchain.

Tracking of transactions

The wallets were used to obtain the transaction information easily. But only those who have a cryptocurrency and own their wallets can access the wallet. However, plenty of websites are available to take a vision of the transactions occurring on the blockchains.  it is a beaver every blockchain has a different ledger of executed transactions. Therefore, each of them has its explorer websites as well. Some of the examples are available there. As the blockchains have different explorers therefore you can reach the particular page by following the three steps:

  1. Find a search field on the explorer Enter transaction data which is particularly for your crypto transaction. Searching can be executed via different parameters such as the address of the sender, receiver, and hash of that particular block which is containing the data of the transaction. If you have it it means you are going to be good to start the receiver address.
  2. The second would be in case you have entered the correct data. This is the collective list of all receiver transactions that would be available to you. In case the receiver is expecting several transactions, then the easy way will be to make a filter on the extra amount sent. However, in case, if you have a desktop device. The keys of the keyboard can be used to search for the exact amount sent.
  3. At last, once you have found the transaction for which you have been looking the transaction ID will be available to you. It is however a long alphabetical string composed of multiple numerals, alphabet, and special characters as well. You can copy and share the ID with anyone and similarly, you can get the receiver’s as well. Thereafter the exchange of cryptocurrency would be possible for both parties.


The rating of cryptocurrency is possible whenever you are aware of its authenticity. Details and status of transactions that would be involved in both ends to keep track of the activities and investment purposes.

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