26 January 2023, Los Angeles — A reputable collection of investors with experience in the arts, journalism, gaming, entertainment, and technology revealed that StoryCo had secured a USD 6 million seed fundraising round. Collab + Currency and Patron co-led the round; Floodgate Ventures, Blockchange Ventures, Sfermion, Flamingo DAO, and angel investors Lloyd Braun, Sabrina Hahn, Packy McCormick, GMoney, and representatives from UTA and WME, also invested.

The Disco Ball, its first story universe, will soon be released by Story Architect Kyle Killen (Halo, Fear Street: Part One – 1994, Awake, Mind Games), along with internationally renowned artists Shelby and sandy. StoryCo has also announced the launch of its groundbreaking collaborative storytelling platform, where established Hollywood creators and ardent fans combine forces to build the following great media franchises and jointly participate in their success.

StoryCo founders Justin and J.P. Alan said: 

“Kyle is the first Story Architect we have, and he is working with Shelby and Sandy to develop a brand-new immersive storytelling experience. At StoryCo, Kyle, Shelby, and Sandy are leaders at the fore of a new technology revolution. We are creating a new model that will inspire the creation of amazing new stories and enable our fanbase and creative community to significantly contribute to its growth.”

Kyle Killen states:

 “StoryCo has paved the road for a completely new type of storytelling, allowing for a freedom of creative expression that previously didn’t exist.” “I’ve long sought a means to include the audience more deeply in the narrative by including them in both the narrative and the creative process, and the tools provided by StoryCo now make that possible.”

Shelby and Sandy expressed their gratitude for being the first Story Artists to use the StoryCo platform. “Working with Kyle and the StoryCo team to enable a new kind of community storytelling through fantastic art that brings The Disco Ball universe to life has been an extraordinary experience,” says the author.

Early in 2023, The Disco Ball, a groundbreaking interactive tale playing out across the StoryCo website, social media, and in-person encounters, will debut on the StoryCo platform. It is an immersive and collaborative storytelling experience. The Disco Ball follows Captain Alma Cooke and her crew of astronauts as they embark on a mission to preserve the multiverse while on the International Space Station, a task that can only be accomplished with the support of the public. The community will be able to follow Alma and her crew’s tale as it develops on the StoryCo platform and help them battle forces who want to end the universe as we know it by solving puzzles, finding relics, and completing missions.

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