January 26, 2023, in Los Angeles, People Science, a direct-to-consumer scientific research firm that offers an expanded platform for research and development (R&D) for complementary and alternative medicines,  announced the closing of a second seed round of funding led by Acre Venture Partners and totaling USD 5.3 million, with participation from Bluestein Ventures, THIA Ventures, and FORM Life Ventures. 

With the earlier seed round’s assistance from Noetic Fund, Woven Science, and LifeForce Capital, their total seed financing now stands at USD 8.5M. Along with their current research on natural and synthetic psychedelics, the microbiome, cannabis and cannabinoid medications, and digital health interventions, the business will utilize the additional funding to expand into nutrition and food as medicine. Acre Venture Partners’ managing partner and co-founder Lucas Mann will join the People Science team.

“There are various ways for people to stay healthy and recover, some of which have been practiced for thousands of years. To explore these complementary therapies with actual patients and rigorous Science at scale, however, there has not yet been a strong clinical research infrastructure, “says co-founder and co-CEO of People Science Noah Craft, MD, Ph.D. “More than ever, individuals are charting their course toward wellness and attempting to determine what makes them better. To assist individuals in finding solutions and disseminate this knowledge across society, we are bringing the instruments of Science right to them.”

Through its digital platform, CHLOE, People Science is creating a new clinical research infrastructure for complementary and alternative medicines that links patients, physicians, and researchers (the Consumer Health Learning and Organizing Ecosystem). CHLOE is a modular piece of software using a consumer-facing mobile app and a rigorous, top-notch clinical research platform. Customers may use CHLOE to learn about which complementary therapies are most effective. Companies and other researchers work with People Science directly or through the license of CHLOE to test their concepts and products. To provide the app to the general public in early 2023, sponsored clinical research with CHLOE started in late 2022.

People Science will collaborate with food firms focused on bioactive ingredients, metabolic health, gut microbiota, and other health initiatives to provide data about enhancing how people feel in real-world situations. The industry has so far needed help demonstrating the effectiveness of many of these food-based therapies on a large scale. People Science provides the tools necessary to make data generation and feedback loops more effective, scalable, and cost-effective to build the concrete evidence required to demonstrate the effectiveness of food-based solutions in promoting better health outcomes. People Science has a tech-enabled, consumer-focused platform.

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