Austin, USA-based leading Environmental, Health, and Safety online regulated training provider 360training announced the acquisition of AdvanceOnline. The company announced the acquisition on December 28, 2022. However, it did not unveil the financing details pertaining to the transaction.

AdvanceOnline Solutions offers professional and educational environmental health and safety services to corporations, associations, and government agencies involved in the construction, transportation, manufacturing, energy, and utility industries. The company was among the first to be accepted by the OSHA Outreach Program for issuing official DOL OSHA course completion cards. 

Purpose of acquisition

With the recent acquisition of AdvanceOnline, 360training continues to grow its OSHA Online Outreach program. It also seeks to expand its extensive library to include DOT transportation safety training courses. The company aims to include courses such as CMV Driver and CMV Motor Carrier Management.

360training focuses on accelerating growth in support of its mission to provide enhanced training solutions across regulated markets. With over 120 courses in its catalogue, AdvanceOnline is a welcome addition to the 360training family of companies. The acquisition of AdvanceOnline aligns with that mission as the two companies share similar goals. 

What the 360training officials have to say 

Ryan Linders, CMO at 360training, further added, “The acquisition of AdvanceOnline demonstrates our commitment to continue to add high-quality programs and brands to 360training. It presents a fantastic opportunity to expand our capabilities and market share in the Environmental, Health & Safety industry vertical and opens the door for us to offer complimentary courses and products, available under the 360training brand, to our corporate customers, Affiliates, and Resellers.”

In addition, Samantha Montalbano, COO of 360training, said, “AdvanceOnline aligns perfectly with 360training’s goal to provide engaging and comprehensive training programs that prevent workplace injury and enhances public safety.”

Besides, Tom Anderson, CEO of 360training, commented, “The synergy between 360training and AdvanceOnline makes sense. AdvanceOnline was founded to help companies comply with strict health and safety regulations which echoes 360training’s mission of enabling a safe environment through regulatory training. By joining together, we’re able to enhance workplace safety for communities across the nation.”  

About 360training 

In 1995, founder Ed Sattar launched 360training. The USA-based company is an online training provider that offers best-in-class training content for workforce compliance and continuing education. The company has delivered more than 11 million training plans across multiple brands, such as Meditec, AgentCampus, VanEd, OSHAcampus,, TIPS, and Learn2Serve.

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