Texas, USA-based investment management group Bluestem Equity announced the acquisition of United Vision Logistics. The company announced the acquisition on December 28, 2022. However, the company did not disclose the financial details pertaining to the transaction.

Purpose of purchase by Bluestem Equity 

With the recent purchase of United Vision Logistics (UVL) by Bluestem Equity, both companies can further consolidate their positioning and build their business into a formidable presence in the logistics industry. 

What the United Vision Logistics officials have to say

Colby Domingue, who serves as the President of United Vision Logistics, said, “Over the past decade, UVL has been under the ownership of a group of large capital providers and credit managers. Bluestem’s purchase allows us to partner with an industrial services leader with similar goals and ambitions. With our renewed emphasis on customers, employees, and partners, Bluestem and UVL will work together to continue to build our business into a formidable presence in the logistics industry.”

In addition, Ronnie Murphy, founder and board member of United Vision Logistics, commented, “UVL’s leadership team has over 138 years of combined experience with core values revolving around safety, integrity, excellence, community, and drive. Those core values were instrumental in making the strategic decision to partner with Bluestem. The UVL family is thrilled to join forces with those who share our same values and look forward to continuing the tradition of safe customer service delivered!”

What the Bluestem Equity official has to say

Ben Tucker, currently holding the position of Vice President at Bluestem Equity, further added, “We have an extensive business history in industrial services. Transportation and logistics are a large part of that portfolio. After two years of searching, Bluestem found UVL to have the right mix of capabilities, people, customers, and geography. After our first meeting with UVL leadership and witnessing UVL’s operations, we knew it was the perfect fit.”

About Bluestem Equity 

Bluestem Equity came into existence in 2021. The Houston, Texas-based company operates as a private investment partnership. Its primary focus is to operate and partner with businesses serving the industrial and construction sectors. The firm’s primary objective is to invest and grow with outstanding founders and management teams in privately held companies. 

About United Vision Logistics 

Ronnie Murphy is the founder of the company launched in 2007. Lafayette, Louisiana, USA-based United Vision Logistics (“UVL”) is a land transportation and logistics service provider. The firm provides a wide range of services, such as heavy haul, long haul, and expedited shipping, along with a diverse selection of equipment to meet customers’ needs. The company boasts a robust geographical reach in regions such as the United States and Canada.

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