In 2016, Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows became founders of a blockchain-based platform which was completely decentralised known as Lisk (LISK). The first motive of lisk was to make applications based on Javascript to make easy accessibility of blockchain technology for further development and usage. LISK is a token used for a proposal’s utility. This token is payable as a transaction fee for the Lisk blockchain. The network used for deploying decentralised apps is hosted by the computer network distributed all over the world rather than a particular centralised server. The core function of the users of these apps is to create, publish, distribute and monitor their app activities. The supporting features of LISK are to make self-sustaining programmes and to integrate the platforms used like smart contracts, blockchain-based storage etc. By clicking BitAlpha AI, you might be able to begin purchasing and selling Bitcoin.

JavaScript Compatibility

The blockchain-based solution requires programming languages to force sustainable learning to solve problems by enabling App development in Java Script. Other than Java Script, another language used for web development is TypeScript used by the LISK app. No other platform-specific programming language is required to learn this app unlike in the case of Ethereum. As Ethereum is platform specific. Only specific language can be used for specific platforms. But in the case of Lisk, only the javascript is workable in any aspect.

Proof of Stake Protocol (DPoS):

Lisk is involved with a mechanism called as Delegate Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Although PoW has a strong security protocol and is implemented by Bitcoin also, it has other scalability and environmental trade to these protocols, Lisk adopts this mechanism.  Let us discuss this briefly, suppose each member of the network is a token holder and he can vote for 101 delegates. In continuation, one vote means an absolute value of LSK tokens in a particular wallet. Given the above, the number of delegates will be responsible for lisk transactions delegation and block creation.

Compared to Bitcoins, the Lisk blockchain is very fast as it creates a new block after every 10 seconds. Therefore, block creation takes 16 minutes.  This validation of the machine increases the scalability of the network and compliments the network side chain architecture. In addition to the above, the delegates earn incentives distributed through LSK tokens.

Mission of Lisk

The mission of LISK is to extend the publicity of blockchain accessibility to the public and its platform is focused on decentralised software development. The LSK tokens are considered to be the mode of value exchange. Therefore SDK has a significant role in Lisk’s software development.

About Lisk SDK

SDK is a toolkit. It works to assist the lisk compatible applications. The kit is distributed in three components:

Commander: when users interact with the blockchain, a command-like tool is to be used which is known as commander.

Elements: to customize the Lisk application, many functions have to apply using a collection of libraries. These libraries are called elements.

Framework: the interaction between modules on the Lisk network is established and maintained by the framework.

Comparison between Lisk & Ethereum:  

let us go through the comparison between Liskband Ethereum. Lisk and Ethereum both are supercomputers which are used to do the computational work through these computers. Both are used to create blockchain-based applications. Although Ethereum is being the most famous and versatile ecosystem of its kind yet Lisk is differentiated in some manners which makes it better than Ethereum.

  1. The scalability factor of the side chain structure for Lisk is greater as compared to Ethereum.
  2. Lisk is compatible with javascript and type script whereas Ethereum has specific programming for specific platforms called solidity.
  3. Lisk virtual system is delegated proof of stake (DPoS) whereas the Ethereum virtual machine is secured with PoW- PoS hybrid.
  4. The block time availed by Lisk is 10 seconds as compared to Ethereum with 15 seconds block time. Hence Lisk ecosystem is faster than Ethereum.

Conclusion:  Therefore, given the above points, Lisk can justify the replacement of Ethereum with a wider scope in certain fields. Hence to buy, sell or trade Lisk, a bit flyer could be chosen in recent times

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