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Best Blockchain Platforms for Financial Service Industry

Many financial institutions wonder which is the best blockchain platform for financial service
industry. Blockchain technology has empowered financial institutions to generate new revenues,
ensure the efficiency of business processes and improve user experience. Blockchain platforms
allow financial institutions to reduce costs, build more secure business networks, and create new
products. It is impossible to determine which is the best blockchain platform for financial services,
each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Overview of the Top 10 Blockchain Platforms for Financial Service Industry

Blockchain platforms allow financial enterprises to provide greater traceability, transparency, and
operational efficiency of business transactions. Ethereum is considered the best blockchain
application platform for developers. Blockchain platforms allow organizations to make the
payment process more efficient, save on international transactions, and provide a distributed,
immutable record of transactions. Let’s take a look at the top 10 blockchain platforms in 2022.


Ethereum is a public open-source and blockchain based distributed computing platform. Ethereum
platform allows developers to implement secure application code that is designed to be tamper-
proof and protect a financial app against fraud. Many experts made a comparison of blockchain
platforms and determined that Ethereum is the leading one.


Ripple is one of the best blockchain development platforms for 2022. The Ripple ledger contains a
node list that identifies every node as an individual gateway. This open-source platform allows
financial organizations to create large-scale and feature-rich finance solutions.


Next on our list of the best blockchain platforms in 2022 is Tron. Tron is a blockchain-based
decentralized blockchain platform. Tron is famous because it allows financial institutions to
process up to 2000 transactions per second and provides low transaction fees.


Many financial institutions consider Corda to be the best blockchain development platform. Corda
is an open-source blockchain platform which is used to create applications related to digital assets,
payments, and global trade.


EOS is a secure, scalable, and open-source blockchain platform. EOS uses the Delegated Proof of
Stake consensus algorithm, which helps financial institutions in achieving scalability. Some
financial institutions consider EOS the best platform for blockchain development for its ability to
provide global reach and tremendous resilience for enterprise solutions.

Hyperledger Fabric

The Hyperledger Fabric platform is great for the development of complex and scalable financial
solutions. It features a wide range of modular and adaptable designs which are used in the
financial industry for various purposes. If the functionality of this platform is not enough for you,
you can request a blockchain platform development in https://artjoker.net/.


Stellar is a leading blockchain platform for building scalable, fast and secure fintech apps. This
platform allows organizations to reduce operating costs, infrastructure costs, and transaction
costs. With this blockchain platform, you can quickly and securely develop a blockchain app.

Hydrogen Molecule

Hydrogen Molecule is a finance-specific and blockchain-based development platform. This
platform enables security tokenization and crypto payments.

Quorum is an open-source blockchain platform. This platform allows financial companies to create
a network of smart contracts that are autonomously manage a set of complex transactions
between many businesses.

Elements is a sidechain-capable, open-source blockchain platform. Elements provide financial
organizations with powerful features like confidential transactions, flexible configuration and
issued assets.

Why Choose ARTJOKER for Blockchain Solutions Development?

– Deep Expertise
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any errors that arise.

Blockchain technology is in demand for the financial sector because it solves many of the financial
institutions’ issues, namely efficiency, security, and speed. If you haven’t been able to choose a
blockchain app platform, or you have trouble understanding how to use them, you can ask
ARTOKER for help. We will certainly help you with the development of a blockchain solution.

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