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Ukrainian Businessman Alexander Katsuba acquires the Largest Automobile Marketplace

Alexander Katsuba

Alexander Katsuba is a Ukrainian private entrepreneur have confirmed the acquisition of the two Ukrainian automobile market’s major media assets – the biggest online car MarketPlace (ab.ua) and an equally huge car info hub called Autocentre (www.autocentre.ua).

“My partners and I have been beholding the potential of the automobile market for the longest time, focusing among other things on expanding financial services available in that market. At the end of last year, we tried to introduce a car leasing business to the market as an experiment and witnessed quite impressive results. With the two such productive business assets in hand, each with an excellent team and history of performance, we are looking to bring synergy to the market by blending an info hub, a marketplace, and a financial aggregator into a one-stop solution.” — Katsuba Alexander, a serial individual entrepreneur from Ukraine, has commented.

In total, the active audiences of both projects now owned by the Ukrainian businessman surpass 2 million users per month.

“Our main goal today is to prove the concept’s viability and demonstrate that the car leasing market can work just fine both with new AND used cars. As private entrepreneurs in Ukraine, we see great potential for this market on a global scale, beyond the local sector. Once we have “proven the concept”, we are planning to launch the business across Europe and Asia during the following few years.” — Aleĸsander Katsuba says.

Ukraine’s businessman-owned car MarketPlace is the oldest online car marketplace in Ukraine that was launched back in the early 2000s. Today, it provides working grounds for over 100,000 vendors, including car centers, dealers, and buyers. 

Meanwhile, Autocentre remains the most reputable media source dedicated to cars in Ukraine that even has the annual “Car of the Year” award.

For now, we are staying tuned to any news from Katsuba Aleĸsander and looking forward to seeing what this famous Ukrainian businessman has in store.

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