The global agritech market was valued at US$ 17,442.7 million in 2019. It is projected to reach US$ 41,172.5 million by 2027. Moreover, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.1% from 2020 to 2027. North America led the agritech market with a 38.59% revenue share in 2019, followed by APAC and Europe. Considering this, we present to you the Top 10 Agritech Startups worldwide.

  1. Vive Crop Protection 
  • Founded Date – Mar 30, 2006
  •  Founders – Cynthia Goh, Darren Anderson, Gwynn Curran-Sills, Jane Goh, Jordan Dinglasan, Richard Loo
  • Total Funding Amount- USD 66.1 Million
  • Based in – Canada

It is an agritech company that makes effective and sustainable pesticides for organic and non-organic production. The company creates new ways to use proven crop protection products using their targeted Allosperse Delivery System, which improves the targeting and performance of pesticide active ingredients. This helps farmers do more with less, all while increasing crop quality and yields.

  1. N.THING 
  • Founded Date – Jan 10, 2014
  • Founders- J Jeong, Kenny Chung, Leo Kim, Seth Nam, SS Han, Tony Baik
  • Total Funding Amount- USD 47.1 Million
  • Based in – South Korea

N.THING is a Seoul-based agri-tech company leading farm-to-table food value chain innovation by combining IoT technology and data. N.THING is the world’s first smart farming company that won the iF Design Award, Architecture, in 2020. Also, it is a winner of Best of Innovation at CES 2020 for its excellence in technology, which is the first ever in the agricultural field. 

  1. Hectare Agritech
  • Founded Date Jan 1, 2016
  • Founders Andrew Huxham, Daniel Luff, Jamie McInnes
  • Total Funding Amount- USD 30 million
  • Based in – London, United Kingdom

Hectare is an agritech company focused on exploiting current inefficiencies and deficiencies in the farming industry supply chains. The company raised GBP 15 million via equity crowdfunding earlier in December 2021.

  1. Farmerline
  • Founded Date- 2013
  • Founders- Alloysius Attah, Emmanuel Addai
  • Total Funding Amount- USD 15.2 million
  • Based in – Ghana

Farmerline is an AgriTech startup that provides information access, record-keeping services, and communication for farmers. The company also provides paid services that give farmers the information and access they need to employ an entrepreneurial farming method.

  1. AGRIVI 
  • Founded Date- Jun 18, 2013
  • Founders – Matija Zulj
  • Total Funding Amount – USD 7.3 Million
  • Based in – London, United Kingdom

It is a global agritech company with market-leading farm management software. Customers use AGRIVI’s market-leading farm management platform in 100+ countries. AGRIVI is listed among the TOP 3 market-leading farm management software based on 94 global industry reports in 2020.

  1. Agrint
  • Founded Date – 2016
  • Founders- Yehonatan Ben-Hamozeg
  • Total Funding Amount – USD 6.4 Million
  • Based in – The United States of America

Agrint proudly developed an early detection infestation solution, the only sensor in the world that helps growers to protect their trees. The company’s AI-driven products- the IoTree and the IoTrap aid in creating a holistic solution that will lead the way to reduce pesticide use and meet the world’s sustainable needs.

  1. ifarm
  • Founded Date – 2017
  • Founders – Alex Lyskovsky, Konstantin Ulianov, Max Chizhov
  • Total Funding Amount – USD 4 Million
  • Based in – Finland

The company provides Data-driven technologies, software and solutions for automated vertical farms. Its proprietary tech, indoor farm management Growtune software and wraparound services maximize technological efficiency, optimize yields and increase farm productivity. 

  1. Thrive Agritech
  • Founded Date – May 2015
  • Founders – Brian Bennett
  • Total Funding Amount – USD 3.1 Million
  • Based in – New York, United States

Thrive Agritech designs and manufactures advanced lighting fixtures for indoor agriculture. Its products save millions of watt-hours of energy every day in vertical farms, greenhouses and cannabis production facilities.

  1.  Falca
  • Founded Date-2018
  • Founders – Kingston Smiler Selvaraj, Santosh Danegoudar
  • Total Funding Amount – USD 3 Million
  • Based in – Karnataka, India

Falca is an agricultural-based farming solutions agency that provides farming solutions to farmers. FALCA is a Rural AgriTech supply chain startup offering one-stop farming solutions to small & marginal farmers through its “physical” presence. 

  1. Tunas Farm 
  • Founded Date – 2020
  • Founders- Rudwiky Putra, Widya Prayoga
  • Total Funding Amount – USD 1 Million
  • Based in – Indonesia

It is an agritech company, integrating urban farming solutions through automation & controlled environment. The company aims to be the leading agritech company that leads Indonesia to food security in 2025. 

The startups have been ranked in accordance with the funds raised so far. They have come into existence after 2007. Startups from different countries are included in the article in order to provide diversified information.

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