Poland-based Żabka Group and Kozminski Business Hub introduced the second edition of its acceleration program, the Startup Impact Program. The partners announced the launch on October 10, 2022.

The Startup Impact Program seeks to support startups with the goal of making a positive impact on their environment, i.e., in the field of ecology, health and entrepreneurship.

Purpose of the Startup Impact Program

The program intends to support entrepreneurs working in the following four aspects:

  • Environmental footprint reduction-

The aspect looks for startups working to obtain carbon dioxide capture and neutralisation solutions and increase energy efficiency. It also covers projects in the area of innovative and low-emission food refrigeration and innovative methods of limiting food waste in the value chain.

  • Packaging of the future-

The startups in this category must be working to develop recyclable or compostable alternatives to plastics to produce food product packaging.

  • Entrepreneurship development and Wellbeing-

This aspect demands that focus on developing the skills and competencies of entrepreneurs for the modern economy.

  •  Equal opportunities-

It covers projects that positively contribute to the Wellbeing of children and young people. The aspect emphasises mental health and emotional balance. It also includes solutions facilitating independence and employment market entry for young people at risk of social exclusion.

The startups selected in the second edition will receive further cooperation with experts from the Kozminski Business Hub and Żabka Group. 

The deadline for the applications will close on November 6, 2022. The applicants can register via the official website of the partners.

What the Żabka Group official has to say

Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio, Żabka Group, said, “We are looking for innovative solutions with new development prospects for the whole Żabka Group. This is why, together with Kozminski Business Hub, we launched the second edition of the Startup Impact Program to find out about the most interesting initiatives forming part of Żabka Group’s sustainable development strategy. We are looking for startups with a prepared prototype of their services or products, a specific target group, that knows who the addressees of their communications are going to be.”

What the Kozminski Business Hub official has to say

Bolesław Rok, PhD with a postdoctoral degree, Professor of the Kozminski Academy, said, “In this edition, we will focus more on measuring, managing and communicating the positive impact. The information is important for investors and major corporate clients. Startups singled out in the programme will receive collectively developed detailed impact reports, which will surely attract impact investors. Today we already know that the world’s future depends mainly on whether startup founders take responsibility for it. We are waiting for those with the essential talents, passion and experience. In the positive impact ecosystem, we are doing everything to implement these most awaited ideas.”

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