Singapore, October 11, 2022 — MinePlex, a cutting-edge digital ecosystem, has received up to USD 100 million in capital from GEM Digital Limited (GEM), a Bahamas-based digital asset investment company that sources, structures, and invests in utility tokens traded on more than 30 cryptocurrency exchanges.

New financial technologies will be developed and the global adoption of the MinePlex ecosystem will be advanced thanks to the investment. Millions of customers will soon be able to conduct quick and secure digital transactions using bank cards, mobile applications, and cryptocurrencies thanks to MinePlex Banking, the company’s main product.

MinePlex introduced a CrossFit service called MinePlex in April 2022. financing to link widely used fiat money with digital assets. Users of the new software can send and receive money, store digital assets, and make purchases. Later this year, MinePlex plans to begin CrossFit acquiring in partnership with MasterCard and Visa cards, enabling it to accept USDT, BTC, ETH, and TRON tokens. The on-ramps will be accessible online and through POS terminals built on the processing platform of MinePlex, Level 1 PCI DSS certified. The MinePlex wallet will soon accept several payment methods and international multi-card use as MinePlex improves its card issuing program.

To raise money, MinePlex will also offer its native PLEX coin on additional exchanges, step up marketing initiatives, improve B2B and B2G growth, and encourage collaborations with financial institutions.

“This collaboration marks the beginning of a new phase in MinePlex’s development and demonstrates how close we are to achieving our main objective, which is to use our advanced CrossFit technology to help millions of individuals across the world who are financially isolated. This investment commitment will accelerate the expansion of the MinePlex ecosystem and the creation of next-generation financial instruments based on our own blockchain. We genuinely enjoy working with GEM, “as expressed by MinePlex co-founder and CEO Aleksandr Mamasidikov.

MinePlex wants to become a key MasterCard International payment network member and receive a banking license. The parent business MinePlex Group has processed more than five million cards at 50 banks in Russia, Europe, and Asia. Offices for the company are located in Barcelona, Dubai, Uruguay, and Singapore.

MinePlex is a digital ecosystem of the next generation that was created to meet the demand for more sophisticated, contemporary payment options. The business uses cutting-edge CrossFit technology, which was developed by fusing the security and transparency of blockchain technology with the stability of traditional finance.

MinePlex is committed to advancing blockchain technology and offering easily accessible financial solutions that will make using cryptocurrencies as simple as using conventional currencies. The company, established in 2020 and its headquarters in Singapore, has released eight active products on the cryptocurrency market that address common issues market players face.

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