October 6, 2022, in San Francisco The first strategic headcount management platform, TeamOhana, has raised USD 4 million in seed funding, with participation from Katalyst Ventures and Sierra Ventures.

A strategic headcount management tool called TeamOhana was created for enterprises with strong growth and rapid change worldwide. The platform becomes the one source of truth for a company’s people planning by syncing formerly segregated systems, enabling all departments to work together and carry out strategic hiring strategies on schedule and within budget. Leaders in finance and human resources may make crucial business choices that impact product roadmaps, sales targets, and ultimately revenue estimates because they have real-time visibility into current hiring plans and headcount forecasts.

According to Tushar Makhija, co-founder and CEO of TeamOhana:

 “Headcount accounts for up to 70% of a company’s operating expenses, yet it is exclusively controlled via spreadsheets.” “Our goal is to equip rapidly expanding businesses with a strategic and efficient personnel management platform so they may accomplish their objectives more quickly. As we continue to develop our product and expand our team internationally, we are thrilled to collaborate with Sierra and our angel investors.”

TeamOhana is introducing its real-time headcount statistics function simultaneously with this fundraising round. To display the present and projected headcount, the functionality combines previously segregated data from many systems into a single customized dashboard. With real-time access to their headcount budgets, executives can plan their organizations’ strategies more successfully.

According to Vignesh Ravikumar, Partner of Sierra Venture:

 “At Sierra, we invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs building the next generation of corporate products. A great example of contemporary software that can help businesses become proactive rather than reactive is TeamOhana. Their solution gives businesses the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about their headcount. As TeamOhana works to bring about permanent change, we’re happy to partner with them.”

According to Scott Baumgartner, CFO of Docker:

 “We will use TeamOhana to get a single source of truth for headcount planning.” “All teams can now access a single dashboard that offers real-time signals for dynamic business change adaptation and capital allocation shifts. We’ve improved the resource distribution suggestions provided by TeamOhana.”

More about the company:

This round of funding will be used to expand the go-to-market team and product at TeamOhana. Several executive-level additions, including a Head of Marketing and a Head of Sales, are being made to support growth. TeamOhana’s workforce comprises a talented international team that works remotely across the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Growing businesses can confidently plan and manage personnel with the help of TeamOhana. After years of operating high-growth businesses, Tushar Makhija and Baishampayan “BG” Ghose formed the company in 2021. 

They understood that headcount management was the most common issue that most businesses were unaware of. They set out to create a platform that, using real-time data and cooperation that offers limitless opportunity and growth, would assist organizations in hiring and scaling the workforce responsibly. TeamOhana unites people, processes, and data by syncing siloed systems, enabling businesses to achieve their objectives more quickly.

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