Philadelphia, the U.S-based and the world’s largest global employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services platforms People2.0, acquired Husys. The company announced the acquisition on August 29, 2022. However, the company did not reveal the amount of the purchase. Husys is Hyderabad, India-based end-to-end HR consulting and EOR services provider.

Purpose of acquisition by People2.0

The latest acquisition by People2.0 marks its commitment to expanding its global footprint and suite of EOR and AOR services across the globe. This acquisition of Husys further expands People2.0’s capabilities to offer its services to multinational conglomerates in the rapidly growing Indian market. 

Meanwhile, it provides Husys with additional capabilities around the world. As a part of the deal, the Husys team has plans to join People2.0’s regional APAC operations. The former seeks to ensure relational continuity and enable them to guide clients in making the best use of People2.0’s global resources. Additionally, Husys will begin its transition to the People2.0 name and brand. 

The recent acquisition marks the fifth purchase for People2.0. Earlier In March, the company purchased Abu-Dhabi-based EOR/AOR services provider BOTH. In April, it acquired the Ayers Group in Sydney. Further, People2.0 expanded its service offerings by acquiring the U.K-based Brookson Group.

What the Husys official has to say

GR Reddy, CEO and founder of Husys, said, “Having just celebrated our 20-year anniversary, we have been reflecting on how far Husys has come and the opportunities we have ahead of us in the ever-changing world of work. We are grateful to our customers, employees, and partners that have enabled us to get this far. We are excited about the future and the benefits our teams and customers will get as we join the People2.0 family.”

What the People2.0 official has to say

Executive Chairman and CEO of People 2.0, Erik Vonk, said, “Not only is it an honour to partner with an experienced and proven EOR services provider like Husys, but it signifies another important step in our mission to be recognized around the globe as the leading enabler of flexible and mobile work arrangements.”

About Husys 

GR Reddy launched the company in 2002. The Hyderabad, India-based platform introduced an innovative end-to-end HR department outsourcing for small-to-medium sized companies. It launched the PEO/EOR service line in 2007. Since then, Husys has helped more than 500 global companies expand into India.

So far, Husys has successfully served over 3000 domestic and international companies with their proprietary HRIS software.

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