Tel Aviv, Israel-based developer-first observability platform, Rookout, raised USD 16 million. The company announced Series B financing on August 23, 2022. Fort Ross Ventures led the funding for the firm. Meanwhile, TLV Partners, Emerge, and Cisco Investments, as well as new investors LIAN Group, Mighty Capital, and Binder & Partners, participated in the round.

Sharin Fisher Dibrov, partner at Fort Ross Ventures, will join Rookout’s board as a part of the deal. 

Purpose of investment by Rookout

With the latest financing, Rookout intends to accelerate growth. Further, the company has plans to expand operations. 

Since its last funding round in 2019, Rookout witnessed its revenue increase by 20 times. So far, the company’s total funding stands at USD 28 million. 

What the Rookout official has to say

Shahar Fogel, CEO of Rookout, said, “Rookout’s mission is to get to the heart of what developers actually care about. Every engineering organization today is seeking to optimize velocity. Our solution offers code-level data extraction from any type of cloud-native environment.”

In addition, Rookout CEO Liran Haimovitch said, “We’re trying to give developers ownership over production — because that’s what we care about. At Rookout, with 20 engineers, I don’t care what they’re doing on their laptops. I honestly don’t care. I care about what their code is doing in production. But traditionally, engineers didn’t have access to what’s going on in production, and you can’t make people care about something if you’re keeping them away from it.”

What the investor has to say

Sharin Fisher Dibrov, the partner at Fort Ross Ventures, said, “We’ve been impressed with Rookout’s execution of its groundbreaking solution, alongside the rapid trajectory of its growing customer base and significant expansion momentum within the enterprise. We are coming to the third wave of observability tools which shifts everything further left, and we’re excited to support Rookout’s journey and backing [Rookout CEO] Shahar [Fogel], Liran, and the team as the category-defining leader in developer-first observability.”

About Rookout 

Liran Haimovitch and Or Weis co-founded the company in 2017. Rookout is a developer-first observability platform that provides the ability to collect any piece of data on-demand from the deepest levels of live code. Fortune 500 companies are the customers of the company. Its clientele boasts giants such as Amdocs, Cisco, Dynatrace, Jobvite, Santander Bank, UPS, and many more. So far, in 2022, the company increased its headcount from 40 to 60.

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